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Lawyerist Values: Grow as People

Lawyerist values team members who grow as people. Everyone on the team recognizes that there is room for them to learn and improve. Specifically, we believe: 

We nurture each other’s integrated personal and professional development and the journey to the best versions of ourselves. We honor our whole selves and support team members in fulfilling their dreams along the way! We aren’t stagnant.

We’re a Team of Lifelong Learners 

No one is perfect. Everyone has room to grow. We expect team members to approach their work and life from a place of potential growth. We ask everyone what they need to learn or improve to do their role better. How can we support them and help them fulfill their goals professionally? 

We also ask team members what they see themselves doing next at Lawyerist but also what they might want to do after Lawyerist. (We don’t presume people will be with us forever). Then, we can look for specific ways to help them get the skills and experience they need during their team tenure, so they leave us happy and appreciative of a great working experience. 

Importantly, our lifelong-learner-attitude doesn’t just apply to our professional roles. We also explore how we can show up as better people. Can we listen more? Connect more deeply? Empathize? Our Seek Candor value allows us to practice conversations that sometimes challenge us with a goal of growing.      

Putting It All Together: Values in Action 

This is the last in a series of articles describing Lawyerist’s core values. At Lawyerist, we:

While all the values stand on their own, they are also very much interconnected and define the fabric of who we are. 

“It’s easy to see each of our principles we cherish in each core value,” explains CEO Stephanie Everett. “You need to Grab the Marker to Experiment Like a Lobster. We Grow as People when we Seek Candor. We Experiment Like a Lobster to Build an Inclusive Community, which often requires us to Seek Candor.” 

Everything works together.  

Values Aren’t Static

Finally, your core values aren’t necessarily static. Lawyers who read The Small Firm Roadmap will remember that Lawyerist shared its core values in Chapter 7. The values defined on that page are not identical to the ones described above. That’s because the company is constantly growing and evaluating what works best. 

While there are elements of earlier versions of our values in today’s version, the current statement is more nuanced and developed. It is a better description of who we are and how we work today. Don’t be afraid to question whether your core values are still perfectly on point. If not, make adjustments.

Interested in Learning More

If our core values resonate with you, we’d love to talk! We are always looking for amazing people who share our core values and post current job openings on our site. If you’d like to learn how our Lab coaches can help you discover your team’s core values, check out our Lawyerist Lab program. Participants consistently tell us that intentionally focusing on their core values has been one of the biggest game changers for their business.     

Lawyerist’s Seek Candor Value Is More Than Honesty

Values matter. A company’s values define and guide decisions. At Lawyerist, one of our core values is “Seek Candor.” To us, it is more than being honest; it is about the willingness and desire to engage in those communications. 

We describe our Seek Candor value as:

Seek Candor.

We’re creating a place where otherwise difficult conversations don’t just happen but are celebrated. This isn’t a license to be mean. Instead, we engage in and practice the process. We work to build trust, be honest, show empathy, and genuinely care for each other.

All of Lawyerist’s core values are connected. Seek Candor and our value “Grow as People” are two sides of the same coin. To Grow as People, we have to be willing to learn and hear from our team about where we can improve. Seek Candor means that our team actively seeks feedback. 

Creating a Team That Cares

Our team members genuinely care for each other. We intentionally create opportunities for our team to get to know each other. We talk about our backgrounds, families, goals, and dreams. Sharing our stories breaks down barriers and allows us to better understand and care for one another. 

It is important to build and sustain these relationships. Not only do we want to work with people that we really care about, but it allows us to honor our values. We acknowledge that seeking candor in conversations is not always easy. It can sometimes be uncomfortable. That is why we approach these talks with empathy. Our care for one another guides our discussions and our approach. 

All Feedback Is a Gift

To improve, you need to be aware of how you are doing. If you’re doing well, you’ll know to stay on course. If you’re not, you need to understand what is not working so you can change. 

Feedback is simply information. It is telling someone if they are doing well or if things could improve. As a result, all feedback—or information—is a gift. Feedback helps us improve.

When we approach all feedback as a gift, we can have more engaging conversations as a team. It doesn’t mean everything needs to be an in-depth discussion. There’s a lot of benefit in exchanging minor edits or thoughts before they have a chance to become more significant. Stephanie discusses this concept and tips on effectively giving feedback in Podcast Episode #364 with David Bradford.

Learn more about Lawyerist core values and our team on our About Us page.