Values matter. A company’s values define and guide decisions. At Lawyerist, one of our core values is “Seek Candor.” To us, it is more than being honest; it is about the willingness and desire to engage in those communications. 

We describe our Seek Candor value as:

Seek Candor.

We’re creating a place where otherwise difficult conversations don’t just happen but are celebrated. This isn’t a license to be mean. Instead, we engage in and practice the process. We work to build trust, be honest, show empathy, and genuinely care for each other.

All of Lawyerist’s core values are connected. Seek Candor and our value “Grow as People” are two sides of the same coin. To Grow as People, we have to be willing to learn and hear from our team about where we can improve. Seek Candor means that our team actively seeks feedback. 

Creating a Team That Cares

Our team members genuinely care for each other. We intentionally create opportunities for our team to get to know each other. We talk about our backgrounds, families, goals, and dreams. Sharing our stories breaks down barriers and allows us to better understand and care for one another. 

It is important to build and sustain these relationships. Not only do we want to work with people that we really care about, but it allows us to honor our values. We acknowledge that seeking candor in conversations is not always easy. It can sometimes be uncomfortable. That is why we approach these talks with empathy. Our care for one another guides our discussions and our approach. 

All Feedback Is a Gift

To improve, you need to be aware of how you are doing. If you’re doing well, you’ll know to stay on course. If you’re not, you need to understand what is not working so you can change. 

Feedback is simply information. It is telling someone if they are doing well or if things could improve. As a result, all feedback—or information—is a gift. Feedback helps us improve.

When we approach all feedback as a gift, we can have more engaging conversations as a team. It doesn’t mean everything needs to be an in-depth discussion. There’s a lot of benefit in exchanging minor edits or thoughts before they have a chance to become more significant. Stephanie discusses this concept and tips on effectively giving feedback in Podcast Episode #364 with David Bradford.

Learn more about Lawyerist core values and our team on our About Us page.

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Last updated October 7th, 2022