Lawyerist looks a little different at the top.

Stephanie Everett, long-time President and Head Lawyerist Lab Coach, is officially Lawyerist’s newest CEO. 

Stephanie is taking the reins from Lawyerist’s co-founder, Aaron Street. Aaron is stepping back from the CEO role to pursue some pretty fun personal projects. (Ask him about sculptor Oskar Hansen next time you see him.) 

While Aaron will still be actively involved in Lawyerist’s future, Stephanie will be the big boss, shaping and driving Lawyerist’s vision.

And Stephanie has the background for it. She was the founder and managing partner in her own firm for 8 years. She ran strategy and logistics for the firm alongside her duties as an attorney. After, she opened a consulting firm.

Stephanie joined Lawyerist in 2018 and developed Lawyerist Lab, a paid coaching community that helps small firm lawyers from around the world build healthy firms.

Former CEO Aaron said: “In the last 13 years, Lawyerist has evolved from a law practice blog to a comprehensive set of resources to help small law firms build healthier practices. Stephanie has been a leader on our team since 2018 and it’s been clear for a while that she was ready to take on more. In her new position as CEO she is leading our team, shaping our vision, and continuing to develop new ways for us to improve the firms we work with. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Stephanie officially took her post on January 1. Congratulations!

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Last updated July 12th, 2023