It’s time to get shit done.

Lawyerist is holding its quarterly virtual Strategy Intensive on March 30th. The Strategy Intensive is a get-it-done all-day event where members of the Lawyerist Lab coaching community come together to work with coaches and other like-minded lawyers to set and—more importantly—implement their quarterly goals.

Participants get away from the office to focus on their business for the day instead of drowning in the day-to-day of their law work.

And this is important. It can be challenging to find time to think about business strategy, marketing, hiring, client service, and more when a lawyer is in the thick of client work. 

The Lawyerist Strategy Intensive creates time and space and provides expert guidance from Lab coaches.

What to Expect During a Lawyerist Lab Strategy Intensive

In December 2021’s Intensive, the group determined their 2022 Q1 goals and designed action steps. They also reviewed a retrospective of what went well in the past year and where they could improve. 

Then, they huddled with Lawyerist coaches and Lab community members to create focused plans.

One participant, Anne Romanello, left December’s retreat on a high.

“My partner and I have discussed these projects and different areas in need of improvement to varying degrees for years! [Lawyerist] gave us the time and space to see a couple of them through to the ‘what are we doing and when’….with an actionable list to get them done! I am so excited!”

And Bay Area civil rights and elder abuse attorney, Liza de Vries, found working with other lawyers like herself invaluable. “I am not alone in my struggles as a law firm owner with no business experience,” she said.

While the Strategy Intensive is open to Lawyerist Lab members, a few guest spots are always available. Email for more information.

Good to Know

WHAT: Lawyerist Lab Q2 Strategy Intensive

WHEN: March 30th, 10am-4pm CST

WHERE: Online / virtual


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Last updated August 30th, 2023