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Aaron Street


Aaron is Lawyerist’s co-founder. Since its founding in 2009, Aaron has helped lead the company’s business growth and vision. In 2023, Lawyerist merged with Affinity Consulting Group where Aaron now serves as CFO.

His brilliance on the team is:

Aaron is able to see and carve out a vision for the future with adept clarity, while still allowing everyone on the team space to determine how it happens. He naturally frees up space for the team to bring their expertise and it easy to feel heard and empowered around Aaron.


Aaron has an uncanny ability to maintain perspective while discussing the minutiae of a particular job or task. While discussing a matter in depth, he always has its broader implications in mind. While others may veer off course into the unnecessary, or irrelevant, Aaron is always there to shepherd the conversation back.


For the past decade, we’ve been preparing small law firms for the fact that disruption is coming. Now that it’s clearly here, we’re excited to use the opportunities of our challenging times to help lawyers rethink how their firms work so they can be healthier businesses, healthier employers, more client-centered, and better individuals.

Aaron, Zack, Stephanie, and Ashley kayaking through mangroves.
Stephanie, Aaron, and Sam at the Small Firm Roadmap book launch.

His history and specialties include:

Outside of his work at Lawyerist and Affinity, Aaron Street pursues a variety of passions including being a partner in a winery, restoring a historic town hall, and researching his next book on the mysterious sculptor Oskar J. W. Hansen.

Before Lawyerist, Aaron spent over two decades working at the intersections of law, business, technology, and policy. His prior work includes corporate strategy consulting, launching a law school think tank, working in the US Senate and the White House, and helping to lead companies in the innovation and robotics industries.

Aaron is active in civic leadership and has served on the board of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, the State Assembly of the Minnesota State Bar Association, the board of the Hennepin County Bar Association, as a trustee of the Hennepin County Bar Foundation, and on the board of the Minnesota state chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Aaron graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School with a concentration in international trade law in 2004, where he was an articles editor of the Minnesota Journal of Global Trade and the graduate student representative to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.

Aaron with his wife and daughter.
Aaron in front of Oskar J. W. Hansen’s Wings Statue
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Offline, you’ll find him:

Playing board games with his family, foraging wild mushrooms in the woods, doing historical research, or conducting fermentation experiments in the kitchen.

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You can get him talking about:

Oskar Hansen. Aaron is in the process of writing a biography of Norwegian-American sculptor/scientist/mystic/inventor Oskar J. W. Hansen, most famous for his “Winged Figures of the Republic” statues at Hoover Dam.