Thank you all for your nominations. We are busy assessing all the entries right now and will have our list of the Best Law Firm Websites of 2022 in mid-March.

We love seeing all the great entries for this year’s competition. It’s always difficult to choose between so many great prospects, but there are a few that already stand-out among this crop. Thanks to all who have submitted their websites, there are so many wonderful ideas and processes out there.

Zack Glaser, Legal Tech Advisor

Nominations have closed for 2022

It’s that time of year again! The Lawyerist Best Law Firm Website competition is back for 2022.

Unfamiliar with this competition? Let us paint you a picture. At Lawyerist, we believe an up-to-date, sleek, and accessible website can easily help you stand out from the legal competition. For the past seven years, we’ve had a yearly competition as a chance for small and solo law firms to show off their hard work on what makes an excellent legal website. Creating law firm websites takes skill and knowledge, so we showcase those websites going above and beyond to attract the clients they want.

Not only do we get to show off those that are leading the trends in the legal industry, but it also acts as an educational platform for best practices and provides inspiration. We think you’ll agree.  

So, how does it work?

We encourage our community to nominate eye-catching, innovative legal websites that stand out amongst the crowd. Nominations will be open for three weeks. We welcome multiple entries from the same person—we only ask that you nominate your website once, please. Nominations will close on Wednesday, February 23rd. We assess websites based on four main categories. They are:

  • Functionality (Easy navigation, search feature, mobile-friendly)
  • Accessibility (Alt text, headers, keyboard interaction, media alternatives)
  • Marketing (Aesthetics, content marketing, images/video)
  • Technical (SEO, page load time, scroll time)

The judges will use these categories as they fill out the grading rubric. Websites with the highest average score win. We will announce winners mid-March.


If you’re thinking about entering your website or someone else’s, take a look at these rules before submitting:

  • The website must reflect a small or solo law firm.
  • If a website has won in the past, it is ineligible to win again.
  • Websites that don’t align with the above grading categories will be omitted.
  • If you submit your website multiple times, we have the right to pull your submission.
  • If the website has a low GTmetrix score, it will automatically be omitted from the competition.

Are you thinking through how your website can stand out from the competition? Head to the Lawyerist Best Law Firm Websites page for tips and inspiration. You can look at past years’ winners and gain some inspiration on how to improve your website!

Best of luck!


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Last updated August 30th, 2023