Every year, the Lawyerist team searches for the top ten Best Law Firm websites. We scour the internet on our own, ask for suggestions from our community, and connect with our partners for submissions. And, every year, we get increasingly sophisticated entrants—2022 was no different.

As usual, we got more entrants than one person could reasonably review. So, as usual, it took our whole team to determine who was the best. Believe us—this is not easy. But, in true Lawyerist fashion, we have a tried-and-tested process we follow.

Although we keep the specifics of our rubric to ourselves, we can say a bit about our process. Initially, we looked at technical aspects of the site, like load speed, accessibility,  and server-side optimization. Then, we looked at things like Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and on-page navigability. Finally, we looked at aesthetics, personality, and how well the site does what it sets out to do.

How the 2022 Competition Went 

Although this competition could not possibly consider every law firm website out there, we’re confident the entrants this year are a solid example of the current landscape of law firm websites. We saw clean content marketing, innovative productization, and thoughtful, client-centric design.

To be sure, the top-ten decision was not an easy one. Many sites that were left out had some stand-out aspects. All of them took a lot of effort to create, and each entrant deserves recognition. In the end, we like to see firms actively thinking about their sites and planning how they can use them to better their firm and client experience.

About the 2022 Winners

Although it took some time, ultimately, ten entrants stood out above the rest of the competition. There were many commonalities among them—as there should be with the ones who get the fundamentals right. However, there was also a tremendous amount of innovation and personality. 

Although cats are always popular on the internet, we saw eye-catching photos of dogs, beautiful landscapes highlighting the law firm location, and color pallets that really popped. We found bots that walked us through what to expect, tools we could use to do it ourselves, and blog content that could rival some textbooks. In short, we saw a focus on user experience. None of the top ten are simply a billboard passively saying, “contact us if you want.”

Check out this year’s winners using the link below. We’re confident you can get some inspiration for your own site. There, we go into more detail about what we saw in the competition, what we liked, and what trends we think need to just stop.

Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Title Card for Best Law Firm Websites 2022

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Last updated August 5th, 2022