Lawmatics is a client relationship manager (CRM) specifically built for law firms. Most lawyers know it for its easy-to-use automation tools and its ability to track marketing efforts on top of client intake. In the current market, however, it is also gaining interest for its ability to remain independent. 

While many CRMs have become entwined with specific Law Practice Management Software, Lawmatics is focusing on broadening its reach. Recently, they have launched integrations with Clio, Filevine, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, and Smokeball. These integrations, as users are finding out, are not just in-name-only. And now, they are adding MyCase to their growing list.

Sarah Bottorff, SVP of Growth at Lawmatics, says they are building these integrations because they are, “looking to meet the needs of their customers.” Adding that they, “love being agnostic,” to which LPMS their users favor. This allows Lawmatics users to determine which LPMS works best for their practice rather than being pigeonholed into a less-than-ideal platform.

This focus on the customer can be seen in the Facebook groups that have popped up around specific integrations. The Lawmatics team is often engaged in discussions with their customers in forums like the unofficial Smokeball + Lawmatics group. Lawmatics CEO Matt Spiegel even held a live Q&A recently in the Lawmatics Member Group.

Lawmatics Features

From a user perspective, it’s easy to see why lawyers would want Lawmatics to remain as LPMS agnostic as possible. It has very reliable features that one would expect from a CRM. It also offers some hard-to-find features that put it ahead of most of its competitors.

From a standard CRM perspective, Lawmatics sets itself apart with its project management, document creation, and eSignature features. It has a kanban board that is easily automated with a multitude of triggers and actions. And it allows users to easily track what lifecycle stage a particular matter is in at a glance. Additionally, it has a no-code document automation solution built directly into the system. Meaning, users can quickly take advantage of the integrated eSignature functionality to quickly send and receive engagement letters.

Lawmatics, however, is not just a standard CRM solution. They are listening to their customers and consistently adding features that help foster a great relationship between lawyers and clients. They recognized some work and billing is done prior to engaging a lead as a client. So, they recently added a billing and ePayment feature to their system. Similarly, document sharing and correspondence often happen prior to moving a case fully into the firm’s matter management system. So a client portal was woven into the platform earlier this year.

Instead of wandering into matter management, Lawmatics is sticking to what they do best: customer relationship management. They recognize Lawyers manage their cases in extremely diverse ways. So, they continue to launch integrations with some of the more popular LPMS platforms on the market.

Lawmatics Integration with MyCase

For those who know the history of Lawmatics, a MyCase integration has been a long time coming. The CEO of Lawmatics, also started (and sold) MyCase. One would think that their platforms would work and play well together. But neither company throws itself into integrations without plenty of forethought.

Still, this integration makes sense.  MyCase, at its core, is a Law Practice Management System. And Lawmatics, even with its time and billing capabilities, is focused on managing client relationships. Users are increasingly asking for these portions of their practices to mesh. And Lawmatics, for its part, wants to give its users as much choice as possible.

Additionally, and importantly, their ideal clients overlap considerably. If we go back to Lawmatics’ focus on its clients, users have likely been asking for this integration specifically. And these users didn’t want just a one-way integration that limited what was shared. No, they wanted depth.

Recently, Zack Glaser, Legal Tech Advisor, sat down with Matt Spiegel, the CEO of Lawmatics to discuss just how deep this integration goes. He says that, among other things, they will even be able to share custom fields from each platform. Take a look at the video below to learn more.

Interview with Lawmatics

How to Get It

If you’d like to learn more about the Lawmatics + MyCase integration, head to Where, if you’re already a Lawmatics + MyCase user they can help you turn on the integration. If you’re not already a Lawmatics user, you can read more and even get a demo of the platform.

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Last updated November 11th, 2022