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Lawyerist Speakers

Do you need an engaging virtual or in-person presentation on the current or future state of law?

The Lawyerist speakers are here to help. Get practical industry best practices and help you audience of solo or small firm lawyers take their firms to the next level. Our speakers are sought-after and frequently booked a few months in advance. When searching for a speaker for your law firm, look no further.

Our speakers are often invited as a speaker for law firms, conferences, CLEs, state bar association conferences, and national legal industry events.

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Stephanie Everett photo

Stephanie Everett, JD

Author, speaker, and CEO of Lawyerist. View bio.

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Sam Glover

Sam Glover, JD

Author, speaker, and co-founder of Lawyerist. View bio.

Sample Keynotes

Change is coming. While it’s futile to argue over robot-lawyers and impossible to predict the future, there are changes in progress that are likely to profoundly affect the future of law. The more practiced we are at anticipating possible futures, the better we can adapt to these inevitable changes. We can change our mindset from confronting challenge to embracing opportunity. This presentation will highlight how five global trends will impact the legal profession and how lawyers can act now to capitalize on these opportunities.

Creating a Client-Centered Business

For hundreds of years, lawyers have served as civic steward, upholding justice and the rule of law. Law can be a truly noble profession. While lawyers remain critically important to civil society, the old model of practicing law in inherently lawyer-centric. It turns out this isn’t a great business model! We can do better. We can build better firms. We can provide better services and live better lives. We’ll show you a vision for what the small firm of the future might look like–and why it will thrive in a new customer-centric economy.

Sample Workshops

The First Step in Building Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Participants will roll up their sleeves and start their strategic marketing plan. Marketing is all about knowing what to say, who to say it to, and where to say it. Participants will start by getting clear on their target audience. They will work in small groups to discover more about their target audience and how they can use that information to build a strategic marketing plan. Next, they will think through the typical journey of a potential client and how this impacts where and what we say to potential clients to help them decide whether to hire us. 

5 Financial Metrics You Need to Know

Are you making decisions about your firm based on your gut? If you’re like many attorneys, the answer is “unfortunately.” Attorneys somehow convinced ourselves we don’t know or understand accounting and finances and so we delegate the financial management of our practice to someone else. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn 5 financial metrics that matter and what to do with that information.

I teach a class for new law students on professional development. Each year, I ask Stephanie to be one of my guest lecturers during the semester because I know I can count on her to be engaging with the students and I know her advice will be exactly what they need to hear. She can take a basic topic like interviewing skills and put a fresh spin on it. We always get such positive feedback from our students after she speaks.

Amy McCarthy
Director of Professional Development & Career Strategies at GSU College of Law

Selected Speaking Engagements

The Small Firm Roadmap

Iowa State Bar Association

Attorney Coaching: Tips, Tools, and Technology

Legal Marketing Association (Southeastern Chapter)

Calculating Damages and Just Compensation

NBI Seminar

Avoiding Common Pitfalls Into Litigation

Campbell & Brown’s Real Estate Broker Program

CLE CEO Strategic Forum

Creating a Vision for Your Law Practice

Atlanta Bar Association Young(er) Lawyer CLE

Keeping Clients Happy

GSU Solo Practice Workshop

Stop Being Busy; Start Being Productive

Decatur CoWorks

Changing the Way You Think About Client Engagement

Cobb County Trial Lawyers

What Solo-Small Firm Success Looks Like

Colorado CBA-CLE Solo/Small Firm Conference

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