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Zack Glaser

Legal Tech Advisor / Lab Coach / Speaker

As a Legal Tech Advisor, Zack lends his expertise as a coach, podcast host, and editorial writer on products, software, and legal tech news. He is a tech expert and problem-solver for our team and Lawyerist lab members alike.

His brilliance on the team is:

Zack is the team member that’s the first to offer help. He’s always willing to lend a hand to build the thing, solve the problem, or improve the process for next time. We’re all confident Zack can do anything–which doesn’t mean he should do everything (PSA).


He’s a natural teacher and I always come away from talking to him a) learning something new and b) feeling lighter. It takes talent to be so smart and affable at the same time.


Zack cares genuinely about other people, our industry, and our world. It shows in everything he does and you feel it instantly when you are around him.

Zack in Colombia.
Zack gets the mail.

His history and specialties include:

Prior to Lawyerist, Zack was an owner and managing attorney of The Glaser Firm, a civil litigation firm in Tennessee. In 2017, Zack founded Tech4Lawyers to help lawyers understand current and developing technologies impacting attorneys and the legal landscape.

Zack earned a Bachelors in Religion from Rhodes College and Juris Doctor from The University of Memphis–Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. He also completed a certificate in Fullstack Web Development from Udacity.

Zack prepping food at a team retreat.
Zack hiking in a slot canyon.
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Offline, you’ll find him:

Building stuff around the yard or in the house, hanging with his balanced-duality wife, traveling, or spending time with his nieces and nephews, as the definitively cool uncle.

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You can get him talking about:

Alternative viewpoints. Theories about the mysteries of life. BBQ.

His genius as a coach is:

Zack is a sought after coach in our Lab community. He is able to explain new,  puzzling, and complex concepts in a kind and simplified way. He coaches in a way that gets you on board and confident, rather than feeling like you should have known.

Jeremy Danilson

Lawyerist Lab Member

Zack is always willing to talk and help with so much patience.

His speaking expertise includes:
Zack effortlessly brings people in when speaking. He naturally balances warmth and approachability with expertise in legal tech. Zack’s speaking engagements have included: remote data security and technology, document and workforce automation, and project management for small firms.



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