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Ryan McKeen

Lab Coach

As a Lab Coach, Ryan coaches lawyers on how to break through their mental blocks and build client-centered law firms.

His brilliance on the team is:

Ryan understood from day 1 that he was building a business. After putting the kids to bed, he’d document a system to process the mail even though he didn’t have a single employee. Now, that work and dedication to systems is paying off in his 20+ firm. He and his team put their clients at the center of everything they do and it shows. He brings that mindset and experience to our Lab program helping lawyers build effective client-centered practices.


Ryan leads our attorneys with such empathy. He understands what lawyers are going through and shows them he cares while also gently moving them out of overwhelm and into action.


Ryan is an amazing entrepreneur who understands the balance of helping clients while building a stable thriving business that is run on systems! His sincere focus on helping more people comes through in every aspect of what he does.

Ryan and Stephanie at a team retreat.
Ryan with his son at a Red Sox game.

His history and specialties include:

Ryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC. He received his Bachelor of Arts, History from Framingham State University and Juris Doctor from Western New England University School of Law. 

He’s a co-author of Tiger Tactics: Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms and author of Empower Yourself: A Practical Guide to Connecticut Personal Injury Law. Ryan is a nationally-recognized speaker. Some of his speaking includes Maximum Lawyer Conference 2022 and Legal X.

Ryan with his wife.
Ryan speaking on stage.
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Offline, you’ll find him:

Spending time with his family outdoors. Listening to Pearl Jam. Following the Red Sox. Strength Training.

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You can get him talking about:

Hop water and his Peloton!

His genius as a coach is:

Ryan has a wealth of experience growing his firm from one person to over 20 team members. He has a passion for coaching others and approaches his coaching relationships with confidence, excitement, and support. 


Lawyerist Lab Member

I absolutely love my coach. He’s changed my life.