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Supriya Venkatesan

Lab Coach

Supriya is a mindfulness expert, business leader, strategist, and storyteller with a special ability to delve deep and spot root causes of issues, ensuring that solutions are long-lasting.

Her brilliance on the team is:

Supriya shines through her extraordinary ability to lead, coach, and innovate. She brings a wealth and diversity of experience, as well as a sharp strategic mind to the Lawyerist team. Supriya’s extensive background in marketing and content strategy and organizational transformation helps lawyers in Lab build scaleable businesses and unlock their potential.


Supriya has that special mix of tough and kind. She’s able to quickly drill down to the real issue in the first few minutes of a call—it’s sort of magic!


Supriya efficiently cut through the chatter and asked me simple questions that broke a big question (and big anxiety) into small component parts. It was masterful!I feel such a greater sense of calm and focus because of Supriya’s thoughtful, careful questions.

Supriya with her daughter.
Supriya with a four-legged friend in Rajasthan, India.

Her history and specialties include:

Supriya’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from Maharishi Univerisity of Management and a Master of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University where her capstone project was selected as top three from her graduating cohort. In 2017 she was a Writing Fellow for Columbia’s Dart Center for Trauma and Journalism. 

In 2022, Supriya founded and launched a neuroscience-based coaching company, She is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has been sub-contracted to Advancing Women Executives and Bookboon Learning, where she is slated to publish a book in March 2024. 

Supriya’s previous role as Senior Director of Content at Terakeet saw her successfully scale and restructure the content department. She also introduced coaching that improved team morale and efficiency. Her significant contributions included the creation of a Content Strategy Playbook and an overhaul of enterprise sales materials, leading to an increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue from $60 million to $85 million. 

Her diverse career also encompasses freelance writing for prestigious publications and academic achievements, making her a prominent figure in the field of leadership and coaching. 

Supriya’s journey also includes six years of experience in the U.S. Army, where she rapidly rose to the rank of Sergeant. Her military service instilled leadership, team management, and strategic skills that have proven invaluable in her subsequent career in leadership and coaching. 


Supriya poses with a beautifully decorated tuk-tuk.
Supriya at Lake Galilee in Israel.
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Offline, you’ll find her:

Stealing moments for quiet reflection, reading, connecting with nature, spending time with family, continuously learning, and giving back to her community. 

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You can get her talking about:

All things subconscious transformation, from the perspective of psychology, quantum physics, and meditative practices.

Her genius as a coach is:

Supriya brings a keen strategic mind and extensive leadership skills and profound understanding of neuroscience-based coaching. She is a true testament to the power of determination, continuous learning, and the ability to unlock human potential.