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Jennifer Whigham

Community Director

As the Community Director, Jennifer works hard to make the Lawyerist Lab program a successful, thriving coaching community for small law firm owners.

Her brilliance on the team is:

Jennifer shines behind the scenes as the stage manager of all Lawyerist events, including weekly workshops, quarterly retreats, and LabCon. She brings her heart and soul to Lawyerist every day to offer a program to our community that inspires, motivates, and supports lawyers in growing their businesses. Although a self-proclaimed introvert, it’s easy to peg Jennifer as the “fun one” on the team.


She’s empathetic, supportive, and wise. She’s like chicken soup, or a good quilt when you’re feeling sick.


Personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better manager. Jennifer has said so many things to me that has made a huge impact on how I feel here. Grateful.

Jennifer plays the drums.
Jennifer outside in Bar Harbor Maine.

Her history and specialties include:

Before Lawyerist, Jennifer worked in marketing, communications, and strategy. Notably, she helped found a non-profit that aims to offer subsidized music lessons.

She also helped build a communications and sales program from the ground up in an organization that created a tool to teach safe patient care in healthcare disciplines.

She served as the Director of Communications for an independent news site and has offered her writing and editing expertise to numerous organizations, including a senate campaign.

Jennifer with her husband.
Jennifer hiding at a LabCon scavenger hunt.
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Offline, you’ll find her:

Reading, watching movies/TV, doing crosswords puzzles, studying backyard animals, collecting cool coins and stamps, collecting weird data points (“how many times have I hiccuped this year?”), singing, playing piano, and going to live theater.

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You can get her talking about:

You’ll easily find yourself in deep conversation with Jennifer about animals, her 22-year old Christmas Cactus fondly named “Jerk,” or anything weird and unusual. The weirder, the better.