U.S. Federal Trade Commission guidelines require us to disclose paid endorsement relationships. We also think it is important for you to know how we fund the free information we publish every day.

  1. We sell display ads at the top of the site and in the sidebar. On mobile displays, one display ad will appear in the main content column.
  2. We sell sponsored posts, emails, podcast segments, and social media updates. Sometimes we write those posts, and sometimes the sponsor provides the copy. Regardless, we conspicuously label all sponsored content.
  3. We have affiliate relationships with a number of vendors. For example, if you buy something after clicking a link to Amazon from Lawyerist, we will be paid a small commission. We will also be paid a commission if you sign up for a trial with Rocket Matter or Ruby Receptionists. Our other affiliate relationships include Chrometa, Commission Junction, FreshBooks, ShareASale, and others.
  4. When we review products or services, we usually receive a free unit or free access for testing. Sometimes we have to send back test units, and sometimes we are allowed to keep them. If it isn’t clear from our post, it is probably safe to assume we received a free unit or free access for testing.
  5. We also sell some products and services of our own, including our Lawyerist Survival Guides.

If you have any questions or comments about our compensation disclosures, feel free to contact us.