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You have great ideas as a leader, but do you struggle getting your team on board and ready to change with you? In this episode, Stephanie talks with Paco Roman, Professional Development Coach, about a change management system that will help you get your team on board and moving in the same direction.  

Additionally, Zack talks with Joyce Brafford, from Cosmolex about how accounting and business reporting can be made easier through an all-in-one practice management platform. 

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  • 03:09. Creating desire for change
  • 12:54. The Importance of Feedback and Ongoing Dialogue
  • 19:52. Reinforcing and Sustaining the Change

Your Hosts

Stephanie Everett

Stephanie Everett is the President of Lawyerist, where she leads the Lawyerist Lab program. She is the co-author of the bestselling book The Small Firm Roadmap and is a regular guest and co-host of the weekly Lawyerist Podcast.

Featured Guests

Paco-Roman Headshot

Paco Roman

As Professional Development Coach, Paco guides team growth and satisfaction, supports goal-setting, time management, and well-being. He offers feedback to and collaborates with the goal of holistic professional development. With 15+ years’ experience, he has worked as a high school teacher, Organizational Development Leader and now as an executive coach.  Paco specializes in large-scale capability-building, leadership coaching, and workforce transitions, excelling in emotional intelligence, change management, and strategic thinking. He is  Prosci change management and Insights Discovery certified, with certificates from Duke, UNC and NCSU,  showcasing a commitment to holistic leadership and team development.

Paco’s work related superpower is being a Leadership Alchemist: finding opportunities, fostering growth, and igniting peak performance. Being able to achieve this to unlock potential and witnessing transformative leadership journeys is his favorite part about being a Professional Development Coach.

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Last updated February 29th, 2024