Every Legal App for iPhone and iPad


iOS apps for lawyers abound, whether for case management, billing, or trial preparation. This page has every legal app for iOS that we could find in the App Store.

There are just a few exceptions. This does not include apps that have not been updated since 2011 and have few or no reviews in the App Store. Apps that are simply mobile versions of a legal publication aren’t here, either, since the app doesn’t do anything over and above the website. Finally, the App Store is full of applications that simply repackage freely available content, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Unless an app added some significant extras (such as the ability to annotate or cross reference) to that type of content, it’s not here.

The table below is searchable, and you can sort by each column. Use the comments to let us know if we missed an app.

Looking for legal Android apps?

Mobile TranscriptFree, but requires registration. Allows for review of deposition and court transcripts. Ability to highlight testimony, log billable time, and email selected highlights.
Court Days$0.99Calculates the number of court days or calendar days (or a combination of the two) before or after a given date. Can provide custom court holidays if jurisdiction is not in application's default database. Allows email of date calculations.
Legal EdgeFreeStream of legal articles and newsletters organized by industry, profession, and topic. Court filings of notable cases.
OpenRegsFreeContains text of the Federal Register, allowing recently issued rulemaking notices. Allows browsing by agency or comment periods. Ability to email regulations.
Time Master + Billing$9.99, and offers in-app purchases. Time tracking software allows for multiple running timers. Time entries by client with subcategories of projects and tasks. Set billing rates, use time rounding, track expenses, and create reports. Optional modules for invoicing, Quickbooks exports, and wireless sync.

Statutes and Case Law Library by PushLegalFreeContains mobile deskbooks, covering the most frequently referenced federal, Texas, California, Florida, Delaware, and New York statutes. Each statute accompanied by leading cases.
HeinOnlineFree, but requires HeinOnline account and authentication. Research tool with law review articles and other databases. HeinOnline accounts require an institutional subscription from a school, library, or similar institution. Contains PDF versions only of law review articles.
All LawFree, but offers in-app purchases.Access to federal rules and a legal dictionary for free, but payment required to get access to state law, patent examination procedures, CFRs, the Federal Register, Supreme Court cases, and U.S. Tax Court Opinions.
American Arbitration AssociationFreeAmerican Arbitration Association rules, codes, protocols, and contact information.
AptorneyFreeLegal research and reference app that allows syncing with Dropbox and remembers specific search terms. In-app "purchases" are free but currently limited to court rules, codes of evidence, and statutory codes.
Black's Law Dictionary$54.99The official Blacks Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition, direct from Thomson Reuters. Provides hyperlinked cross-references for related terms, audio pronunciations, and bookmarking,
Bloomberg LawFree, but requires current paid Bloomberg subscriptionFollow news, litigation, and market information related to clients and prospects. Receive alerts for legal and news searches. Ability to share documents via email.

BriefCaseFree, with an in-app premium cost of $9.99 yearly. iPad app that creates automatic briefs of legal research as reader highlights so retyping isn't necessary. Organizes and annotates cases. Premium features allow export to Dropbox and printing.
CaseManager$19.99Case management software that allows mobile access and syncing of entire case file. Also includes calendar, task list, expense tracking, time tracking, and a ledger. Syncs with Dropbox.
Cite-Checker$2.99Guide to basic Bluebook citation with overview and plain English explanation of rules for federal and state cases, federal and state statutes, books, law review articles, and Restatements. Also contains guides to punctuation and quotations.
CLE MobileFree, but CLE courses delivered by the app cost varying amounts.Makes 4,500 CLE courses from West LegalEd available for download. Able to listen to audio content and submit completed courses for CLE credit. Not all state support mobile delivery of CLE courses.
ClioFree, but requires paid Clio subscription. Mobile access for Clio's cloud-based practice management system. Ability to track time and expenses, access cases, view contacts, access calendar, and upload documents.

Court Directory by Bloomberg$9.99Contact information, including websites, for federal, state, and territorial judges and clerks. Listings for over 2000 state courts, 200 federal courts, 16,000 judges, and 5,300 clerks.
CourtLinkFree, but requires a current Courtlink user ID/password from Lexis.Allows review of recent court docket activity. Ability to set up Alerts and Tracks on the CourtLink website and then monitor via the app.

Courtroom Objections$2.99Guide to common courtroom objections and responses. Ability to review by objection category (form of question or admissibility).

Exhibit A$14.99Exhibit storage and presentation software. Ability to highlight, mark, and call out sections of exhibits. Virtual laser pointer. Ability to import documents from Dropbox, iTunes, FTP, email, and wirelessly. Supports JPG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG documents and movies.
FastcaseFree, but requires registration. Legal research app containing federal and state cases and statutes. Searchable by citation, keyword, Boolean, or natural. Ability to save documents for use later.

Fed Courts$2.99Full text of federal rules of procedure and local rules for each federal court. Access to PACER and addresses of all federal courts.
FedCtRecords$9.99 and requires a current PACER account. Access to court records for any federal district court. Provides attorney information, party information, deadlines, case summaries, and docket information. Third party app, unaffiliated with PACER. PACER charges remain in effect and no upload abilities exist.

GAOFreeCongressional testimonies and decisions from the Government Accountability Office.
Lawyers.comFreeAccess to Martindale-Hubbell information about lawyers, including name, practice area, location and ratings. Ability to share lawyer profiles with contacts and save search history.
MyCaseFree, but requires paid MyCase subscription. Allows communication with clients, ability to check schedule, edit and view cases, time, billing, and invoicing. Email and calendar access. Add-on modules such as Quickbooks integration available for additional cost.
iWrite LegalFreeProvides writing tips and legal writing checklists.
iJuror$19.99Juror selection app. Allows attorney to tap seats to add juror information, drag and drop to choose and dismiss jurors, configure seating arrangements of up to 60 jurors, store all trials in one location, and email and print jury information.
iJury$14.99Juror selection app. Allows note-taking on jurors of interest, seat jurors via number or name, track peremptory strikes, and group scoring.

Immigration$24.99Full text of Immigration and Nationality Act and Eighth Code of Federal Regulations. Ability to search by keyword and navigate to subsections. Also contains full texts of Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals Practice Manuals.
iTimekeepFree for stand-alone timekeeping Timekeeping app designed to capture billing information on the go. Requires paid Bellefield Connect system to integrate with billing or practice management software.
JuryPad$24.99Jury selection app with ability to rate jurors and view jury pool demographics. Customizable seating chart that allows you to tap to strike or seat jurors. Allows creation of voir dire templates and questions. Can share information as spreadsheet, text file, or database.

JuryStar$39.99Jury selection app. Drag and drop seating chart for jurors. Ability to load and save juror questions. Store juror demographics. Group ratings.
Legal NewsanceFreeCovers current legal news, CLE program information, legal resources, forms, and employment opportunities.
Lexis AdvanceFree, but requires current paid Lexis subscription. Allows access to Lexis' primary and secondary source database and files and folders stored in Lexis. Also allows ability to Shepardize.
Must Do Legal$4.99Lawyer-specific to-do list that also tracks billable time.
My Legal Projects$1.99Records details for legal research projects, including jurisdiction, key terms, relevant cases, statutes, client matters, and due dates. Each project saved individually and can be shared via email or Bluetooth. Can link directly to WestlawNext with WestlawNext paid subscription.
Picture It SettledFreeHelps litigants analyze positions and develop negotiation strategies. Also tracks dollar moves in negotiations and, using that information, assists in calculation of future offers.

Pocket Justice$.0.99U.S. Supreme Court information from the Oyez Project at Chicago-Kent School of Law. Plain-language abstracts of decisions, audio of oral arguments, transcripts, biographical information for all justices, and searchable opinions.

Rocket MatterFree, but requires a Rocket Matter subscription. Legal time and billing software for small to mid-size law firms. Ability to add contact data and calendar events, record billable activity, access trust account balances, and attach expenses to matters as you incur them.
RulebookFree, but offers in-app purchases.Free access to federal rules of evidence and U.S. Constitution. In-app purchases of materials such as Circuit rules and the Bluebook. Bluebook purchase is $39.99.
Smart DocketsFreeLegal calendaring app. Ability to calculate dates and deadlines using up-to-date court rules. Results can be emailed or exported as calendar appointments.
TabLit$89.99Trial notebook app with ability to store examination outlines and checklists, evidentiary checklists, and case contacts. Allows for creation of internal cross-references.

The Congressional RecordFreeDaily edition of the Congressional Record, presented by the Library of Congress, Allows you to browse editions of the Record from January 1995 to present, do keyword searches, save, share, and print documents.
TranscriptPad$89.99Ability to review transcripts in text (not PDF) format, including color-coded designations, flagging critical sections, and ability to email and print.

TrialDirectorFreeEvidence management and presentation app, allowing for highlighting, callout, video, and side-by-side exhibits. Allows uploading of exhibits via Dropbox or iTunes or syncs with paid TrialDirector desktop software.
TrialEvidence$1.99Reference guide for getting evidence admitted by laying the proper foundation.
TrialPad$89.99Courtroom presentation tool for iPad. Ability to highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit and show video clips, add exhibit stickers to documents, and search document text.
TrialTouchFree, but requires paid DK Global subscription.Cloud-based storage solution and evidence presentation app that converts documents and video for courtroom presentation.
TrialWorksFree, but requires paid TrialWorks Case Management SoftwareProvides access to notes, docket, contacts, and documents that are stored in TrialWorks Case Management Software. Ability to review matter chronology and court dates and add new matters.

U.S. ConstitutionFreeProvided by the Library of Congress, app contains full text of the Constitution, clause-by-clause discussion, and discussion of relevant Supreme Court cases. Contains table of contents, table of cases, and index.
ViewabillFree for clients. Allows clients to access time entries from attorneys when attorneys sign up with Viewabill.
Westlaw Case NotebookFreeAllows review and annotation of transcripts in PTX e-transcript format. Word index to allow searches. No Westlaw Case Notebook subscription required, but is necessary to upload transcript to desktop version of Westlaw Case Notebook and retain annotations.
WestlawNextFree, but requires current paid WestlawNext subscription. Allows mobile access to databases in WestlawNext. Ability to search, KeyCite, save, highlight and share materials.

Wolfram Lawyer's Professional Assistant$4.99Reference tool with dictionary of legal terms, statutes of limitations for each US states, visa types, calendar and financial computations, demographics, damages computations, and real estate law.

Job Sleuth$49.99Allows offline and fully searchable access to all the information in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and its companion publications (the SCO, the MPSMS, the Work Fields, Aptitudes, and Temperaments).
eDiscovery Assistant$29.99Allows you access to all the information you need for eDiscovery from any location.
LiteLawFreeProvides secure, complete access to your existing time, billing, and document management system. LiteLaw is compatible with most SQL based case management applications, such as Client Profiles, Aderant Total Office, ProLaw, and TrialWorks.
AgileLawFree, but requires an AgileLaw account.Install this app on your iPad, hand the iPad to the deponent, and navigate through the deposition without ever using a printed exhibit again.
DkTFreeDkT overlays PACER with a custom mobile user interface and adds convenient features to PACER use.
DkTFree, but offers in-app purchases.Create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds.
  • Jonathan Kleiman

    Not much for Canadians, eh

  • Guest

    Many reviews for some of these legal apps on the app store are terrible. Just beware!

  • http://jobsleuthios.wordpress.com Hudson Ellis

    I developed a legal iPhone app for Social Security Disability Attorneys/Reps called Job Sleuth. It is an app that allows offline and fully searchable access to all the information in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and its companion publications (the SCO, the MPSMS, the Work Fields, Aptitudes, and Temperaments).

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover


      • http://jobsleuthios.wordpress.com Hudson Ellis

        Great, thanks!!!

  • http://www.esiattorneys.com Kelly Twigger

    I developed a legal iPad app for litigators and eDiscovery professionals called the eDiscovery Assistant. The app has six sources of content: 1) eDiscovery rules for all jurisdictions including forms for individual judges, 2) a database of case digests of eDiscovery decisions, 3) downloadable templates for lawyers to use and modify for eDiscovery, 4) checklists to follow to conduct eDiscovery, 5) a glossary of terms for eDiscovery and 6) Resources that include guides and other information key to eDiscovery. The app also allows the user to store the data in two ways for easy use — in My Library for regularly accessed material, or in My Cases. In My Cases, the user can create notes and add any of the content from the app to the Case for two click access.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      No need for the sales pitch. Added.

      • http://www.esiattorneys.com Kelly Twigger

        Great, thanks!

  • Ryan Colbert

    LiteLaw is an excellent mobile app for people using Client Profiles or Aderant Total Office for case management.

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  • AgileLaw

    Hey guys, you missed AgileLaw!! Guess we need to work on our App Store SEO… :)

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  • http://jobsleuthios.wordpress.com Hudson Ellis

    DkT is a free app that I use to get searchable access to Federal Court records on Pacer. You can search, view, and download records from there and the interface is pretty slick. iPhonejd did a review of it a while back, which is how I learned about it.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      Added. Thanks!

      • http://jobsleuthios.wordpress.com Hudson Ellis

        I forgot to mention that DkT does require a PACER account and regular PACER charges apply.

  • Karl Seelbach

    Please add numerous deposition apps launched by edepo.com, including AcuScribe, DepoPad, Hanna & Hanna, HG 360, Integrity Legal, and Ross Reporting. Feel free to contact karl@edepo.com for more details.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      “Numerous” sounds pretty spammy, FYI. I will take a look.

      • Karl Seelbach

        Haha. Sorry Sam. Didn’t mean to sound spammy. Feel free to simply list edepo.com and then we can redirect the attorneys to one of our partners. Call me anytime to chat. I’m an attorney based in Austin. 512-537-0570.

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    Amazing collection of Legal apps. I’m sure some of these will come in handy! Thanks :-)

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    You forgot about us! :)

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  • Jeff Gnecco

    OfficeTime is by far the best timekeeping app I’ve used–much better than Time Master.

  • Chuck_Darwin

    Don’t forget WarRoom by calvatronics (www.calvatronics.com). It’s the only full-featured Mac/iOS based e-discovery management app available. It does 90% of what ProLaw does, only it does it on Macs and iOS and costs 1/20 as much. I’ve been using it in my practice for about a year on a case with >100,000 documents.

    Another one you missed is Bridge Mobile by Advantage Software, a free iOS version of their transcript manager app that accepts Realtime transcript feeds, annotates transcripts, and more.

  • Flooie

    How about PaperWork or PaperHealth. PaperHealth won the ABA Journal’s Hackcess to Justice Competition last month.

  • Legal Newsance

    Hi Sam,

    The links for Legal Newsance have changed with the rollout of v2.0! Can you please update our listing? Here are the links:

    iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legal-newsance-law-news-jobs/id952237250?mt=8

    iPad (this is a standalone ‘HD’ version): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legal-newsance-us/id952237373

    Many thanks,