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For our 300th episode, we are joined by Lawyerist founder, Sam Glover. He shares his thoughts on the current state of the legal world, as well as debuting the project he’s been working on since leaving Lawyerist.

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Your Hosts

Aaron Street

Aaron Street is the co-founder and CEO of dashboard.lawyerist.com, the largest online community of solo and small firm lawyers. He is the co-author of the bestselling book The Small Firm Roadmap and is the co-host of the weekly Lawyerist Podcast.

Stephanie Everett

Stephanie Everett is the President of Lawyerist, where she leads the Lawyerist Lab program. She is the co-author of the bestselling book The Small Firm Roadmap and is a regular guest and co-host of the weekly Lawyerist Podcast.

Featured Guests

Sam Glover

Sam was the founder of lawyeristbackup.kinsta.cloud and is currently developing Client Power Tools. Sam hosted the first 200-something episodes of The Lawyerist Podcast and co-authored The Small Firm Roadmap. He is also a web developer, dad, bookworm, aging skate punk, whittler, paddler, and lawyer. You can find Sam’s website at samglover.net or follow him on Twitter at @samglover. Check out Sam’s latest project here: clientpowertools.com

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Last updated October 29th, 2020