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Today’s guest is Paul Floyd, a business lawyer for lawyers — and a very successful one. Paul finally explained law practice valuation so I could understand: the best way to value a law practice is not to value it.
Today’s question is from our forum: How do you calculate flat fees when starting out. Aaron and I offer our own suggestions for coming up with flat fees early on in your legal career.

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Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder of lawyerist.com. He is the co-author of the bestselling book The Small Firm Roadmap and original host of the weekly Lawyerist Podcast.

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Paul Floyd

Paul is a Minnesota lawyer who, among other things, helps lawyers sell their practices. Paul may not have an edgy website, but he is a good lawyer who gives good advice, which means he has an enviable law practice without all the virtual offices, alternatives billing arrangements and iPads actually I can’t remember the last time I saw Paul without his iPad.

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Last updated February 2nd, 2023