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Sam Glover


Sam co-founded Lawyerist because he saw an opportunity for lawyers to use and thrive with technology. What started as a bit of a rant about legal software evolved into a focus on helping lawyers build better businesses.

His brilliance on the team is:

For years, Sam was the voice of Lawyerist as the original host of our podcast, writer and editor-in-chief of our website, and co-author of our best-selling book, The Small Firm Roadmap. His genius includes finding ways to automate and systematize work to do more with less. In that sense, Sam is the epitome of our Experiment Like a Lobster value.


Sam brings new and big ideas to the table in everything he does. He’s passionate about what he stands for and making a difference. His energy is contagious and inspires everyone around him.


Sam Glover is the wise sage I was missing all my life. I love chatting with him because I always walk away with new information or a new perspective.

Sam winter camping in northern Minnesota.
Sam holding his Lawyerist branded skateboard.

His history and specialties include:

Sam started a blog writing about legal technology and law practice, called SoloSmallTech. It was later renamed Lawyerist. In 2009, Sam and Aaron Street started the company together. 

Prior to Lawyerist, Sam had his own law practice and fought against overzealous debt collectors. Sam was an original host of The Lawyerist Podcast and is a co-author of The Small Firm Roadmap. He was named to the American Bar Association Legal Rebels Trailblazer list in 2017. Sam has also been a contributing writer to many publications, including Attorney At Work. 

Sam graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000 and the University of Minnesota Law School in 2003.

After over 10 years of building our amazing company and team, Sam realized he needed to turn his energy toward other projects. You can hear more about that decision and journey on Lawyerist Podcast Episode #361.

These days, Sam spends his time developing client-centered websites and web-based tools. 

Sam at home with his dogs.
Sam and his family with photo booth props.
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Offline, you’ll find him:

Parenting his two daughters, reading, creating electronic music, skateboarding, coding, enjoying the outdoors, and fighting for justice in his Minneapolis community.

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You can get him talking about:

Winter camping, post-apocalyptic currency, or anything you geek out about.