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Law Firm Client Service

We talk about your law firm client experience, including intake, communications, CRM software, pricing, unbundled legal services, and virtual receptionists.

Separate from, but very much related to, how potential clients find you is how you treat clients once they have found you. That’s where law firm client service comes in, and you need to be relentless in refining that experience, too. As with our other categories, it is useful to explain the values, systems, and practices that should drive your law firm customer service mindset:

  1. You understand your ideal client’s “buyer’s journey” based on actual interviews with real and potential clients.
  2. Your prices, rates, and fees are designed around the goals and needs of your clients and benchmarked with your competitors.
  3. You have systems in place to make sure that you keep client diversity, access, and inclusion in mind.
  4. You communicate with clients using methods they prefer while following your data security needs.
  5. You draft client communications and legal documents in a reader-centric way, with emphasis on plain language and readability.
  6. You have a seamless intake, onboarding, and delivery experience for your clients that reflects the kind of client experience they want.
  7. You have a process for capturing client feedback and know their level of satisfaction, and you actively work to ensure high satisfaction.
  8. Here at Lawyerist, we have strong opinions and tons of resources for starting, managing, and growing small and solo law firms.

Law Firm Client Service on Lawyerist

In this “Client Service” hub, we’ll talk about your clients’ experience with your law firm and their satisfaction with it.

We’ll explore client intake, communications, client relationship management software, pricing, unbundled legal services, and virtual receptionists.

And we’ll talk about mapping out your ideal client’s entire journey with your firm and think about ways to make that journey more awesome.

Along the way, we hope you’ll figure out how to turn up the law firm customer experience for your particular business.

So, let’s dig in. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you around the Lawyerist ecosystem!