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What if you could own and manage the law firm of your dreams without constantly feeling unsure and overwhelmed? What if you created a business that provided amazing client experiences and set a new standard for what it’s like to work with a law firm? What if you could create success that includes great sleep and traveling abroad because you know your team can run things without you?

It’s possible. The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited offers a plan to center your well-being while growing your business.

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Michael J. Payne

JD, CPA, Founder and CEO of Boss Advisors

The Small Firm Roadmap is required reading for entrepreneurial lawyers, whether or not you currently own your own firm

I’ve purchased dozens of copies for friends and colleagues. New employees are required to read this in their first month. No other book, seminar, or coaching program encapsulates the ideals of a modern, efficient law practice as well as Lawyerist’s program, and The Small Firm Roadmap shows you practical, tangible steps you can take today.”


Amazon Reviewer

Amazing! When my partner and I decided to leave the firm we were at and make a go of it ourselves we knew we wanted to do it differently but didn’t know how

We quickly grew from 2 lawyers doing our thing to a thriving practice that was controlling us. We wanted to take back control and build a firm that was great for everyone in it, that was client centric and rewarding for everyone that worked with us. This book helped (and is helping) us finally get a hold on our firm, find the right people, and allow us to take back control of our business rather than letting it control us.”

G. Martin

Amazon Reviewer

Being a lawyer can be difficult. Running a business is often difficult. Both at the same time can be maddening, terrifying, or life-destroying

Whether you feel lost on your current path, or want to refine an already-decent situation, the money and time you spend on The Small Firm Roadmap will be well-used and an excellent value to you—financially, emotionally, and professionally.”


Dispel the Partner Myth and Build a Healthy Business

Get the tools you need to be a successful entrepreneur and lawyer. You’ll be challenged to reconsider the word “partner” and offered new distinctions between owners and managers.

This practical guide will help you:

  • Gain clarity around the type of business you are building.
  • Create the right roles to lead and manage your team.
  • Hire for the right cultural and functional fit and develop your team.
  • Market your services and deliver a valuable experience to your clients.
  • Understand your day-to-day finances and the value of the business you are building.
  • Develop systems so you can delegate and create a business that can run without you.
  • Build a business that allows you to live the life you want.
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Aaron Thomas

Founder and CEO of

This is the guide for owners who want to build a healthy law practice that serves them rather than the other way around

Stephanie and Aaron understand that it’s possible to have financial success and still make it home for dinner. This book perfectly combines mindset and tactics—the one stop shop to the law firm of your dreams!”


Amazon Reviewer

This is one of those books you can really pick up, read and begin to implement in your firm

It has a wide range of topics from personal goals, strategy, marketing, systems/procedures, finance and staffing. Many of the chapters give you tools and tips to jump in and begin implementing. Others will require more deliberate planning and research. We use their methodology at our firm, and I have seen it work. It is not about making sweeping, enormous changes to everything at once. Instead it is about making thoughtful, deliberate and consistent incremental changes over a long period of time to create lasting transformations.”


Jordan Furlong

If you want to know what the future of small-firm law looks like and how to get there, The Small Firm Roadmap should be your counsel of choice.


Meet The Authors

The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited is the culmination of a decade of research into what makes small law practices succeed while addressing the needs of the 21st century.

Stephanie and Aaron have been in your shoes, found the way, and have helped guide firms to do the same. And, it doesn’t include 80-hour workweeks. 

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Chas Hoppe

Amazon Reviewer

Reading this book, it’s easy to see how much the authors care about not only the success, but also the health and well-being, of small-firm lawyers

The big takeaway here for all lawyers considering starting their own firm (or even those who already have) is that there’s a lot more to consider than they might have suspected—and that the old way of doing things simply isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

J. Grant

Amazon Reviewer

This book is the single best resource for solo and small firm lawyers I’ve read in the last 5+ years

and as a consultant to small firms, I’ve read a lot! The folks at Lawyerist have spent the better part of the last decade working to understand what makes a law practice really succeed, and they’ve distilled their experience into this clear and engaging text.”


Amazon Reviewer

The authors have done a great job clearly laying down a step by step approach to building a successful law practice

They have also included checklists and templates to cover every aspect of your law practice. They use plain and easy language without overburdening you with business terminology. This is a must read for anyone who is running a solo or small law firm. Kudos to the authors.”

Isn’t it time to get what you want from your small law firm?

The Small Firm Roadmap is your guide to the future of law practice with a client-centric law firm management model.

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