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OK, you’re probably wondering what next? We’ve got you covered with our survival guide to the future of your law practice.

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On this page you’ll find our most popular free resources to help you grow your small law firm. Use your results from The Small Firm Scorecard to decide where you’re going to put your efforts first.


Chapter 6 of The Small Firm Roadmap asks lawyers if they have clearly defined personal goals. Otherwise, it is easy to find yourself working very hard while feeling unfulfilled. Take time to figure out what being awesome means to you. Use these tools to identify your goals and create habits to make them a reality. 

Bucket List Implementer

What’s on your bucket list? Travel? Completing a daring activity (skydiving anyone)? Knocking off an personal accomplishment (running a marathon or writing a book)? Maybe making an impact on your community, furthering a relationship, or achieving financial stability? Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be a distant dream. We want to help you turn the dream into reality with our Bucket List Implementer Template. Help make those dreams a part of your law firm visioning today.


Turn Your Goals into Reality with Our Personal Goal Tracker

Every attorney can align their personal goals with their professional ones. Use this tool to help clarify your goals and why they are important. Then, create a plan to fulfill them.


Business Strategy

Chapter 7 of The Small Firm Roadmap sets out why you need a business strategy, the components of a good strategy, and how to get started. Use the resources below to take the first steps in the process.

Visualize Your Firm’s Future

Create a story that helps you (and anyone who reads it) “see” your future. Complete this exercise at least once every six months to get the maximum benefit out of it.


Your Marketing Journey Starts Here: The Essential Steps Most Firms Miss

Before you can establish a coherent marketing strategy, you need to be clear on who you serve and what they value. Use our Ideal Client Profile Builder as the foundation to your strategic marketing plan.


The Strategy Your Law Firm Marketing is Missing: A Walk with Potential Clients

What are your potential clients worried about when they first realize they have a problem? Completing our Client Journey Map allows you to take a walk with your potential clients and see things from a new perspective.  


Does Your Leadership Measure Up? A Professional Development Template for Law Firm Leadership

Your role as a business leader requires different skills than those needed to be a great lawyer. Are you actively working to improve your leadership and management skills? Use this template to assess where you are and create a plan for continuous improvement. 


Client-Centered Services

It is time to reframe the traditional lawyer-centered profession and begin creating client-centered services at your firm. In Chapter 8 of The Small Firm Roadmap, we discuss why you should rethink your rates and the services you offer, why diversity, access, and inclusion matter, and how to start crafting communication and your services around great client experiences. Check out these resources for more help:

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: A Small Law Firm’s Guide to Asking Clients the Right Questions

How much time are you spending listening to your clients? They are a wealth of valuable information. Use this guide to start a conversation that will improve every aspect of your business.


The Essential Law Firm Sales Tracker

Understand your intake and conversion process with our monthly lead tracker template.


Client Acquisition

Do you consistently have a pool of amazing clients ready to hire you? Probably not. Unfortunately, lawyers weren’t taught much about client acquisition, or marketing and sales. Chapter 9 of The Small Firm Roadmap gives you the basics to shift your thinking about acquiring new clients. Use these resources to take the next steps:

How to Create Your Law Firm’s Brand Identity without Spending Thousands of Dollars on a Consultant

This guide will walk you through all the elements you should consider when creating your brand identity. 


Where Does Your Traffic Come From? The Definitive Checklist for Lawyers

Have you considered all the avenues a potential client could use to find you? Use this checklist to rethink which marketing tools make the most sense for your practice. 


Law Firm Websites that Work: The Essential Checklist

The essential components of a winning law-firm website.


Know What Your Marketing Is Worth: A Client Acquisition Cost Calculator

Do you know how much you spend acquiring a new client? Use this calculator to determine the cost of each of your marketing activities. 


Systems & Procedures

In Chapter 10 of The Small Firm Roadmap, we show you how systems allow your firm to deliver consistent, high-quality, and error-free legal work to clients. Ready to start building? These resources will help you jump start the process:

Sleep Without Worry with our Weekly Work Planning Template

Take time to plan to be productive. Use our Weekly Work Planning Template to clarify your priorities for the week.


Stop Your Inbox from Controlling You: 7 Steps to Inbox Zero

Is your email taking over? Use these simple steps to take control of your email and achieve Inbox Zero.


Start Your Systems: Your Law Firm Operations Manual Checklist

Use this index to begin crafting your firm’s operations manual.



Technology is important and we hope you’ve developed or deepened a genuine curiosity about how it can be used to improve your work. Chapter 11 of The Small Firm Roadmap teaches you the mindset and literacy to use technology to your firm’s advantage. Here are a few tools to kick start the process:

How to Buy the Right Tech for Your Law Firm in 4 Easy Steps

Buying technology can be intimidating and overwhelming. We’ll help you break it down and give you the confidence to buy the right tool with this 4-step guide. 


Get Control of Your Law Firm’s Tech with This Simple Tech Audit (No Coding Required)

Time to take stock of all the technology you are using in your firm to see if it is adding sufficient value, and if not, what you need to do to change that. Use our Law Firm Tech Audit to audit your current technology tools and plan for future purchases.


How to Create a Paperless Law Firm (It’s Easier than You Think)

Tackle the piles of paper with this checklist. We’ll show you the tools you need and walk you through the steps to take. 


4 Simple Steps You Should Take Today to Secure Your Law Firm’s Data

You know protecting your data is important, but have you taken the steps necessary to put basic protections in place? This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process.


You Protect Your Clients Daily, But Are You Protecting Yourself?

Use our Threat Model Worksheet to take inventory of potential threats and how they could impact your firm.



As a business owner, you should be excited about your firm’s numbers! Chapter 12 of The Small Firm Roadmap helps you better understand how the firm’s numbers work and why they are important. Use these tools to start mastering your finances:

Financial Freedom Starts with Knowledge: Know Your Numbers with Our Law Firm Budget Template

Successful business owners know and understand their finances. The easiest place to start is with a firm operating budget. Use our budget template to get started.


5 Financial KPIs Your Law Firm Must Know

Ready to start tracking your financial key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics for your law firm? Use our calculator to better understand your business. (Note: you can measure each month, quarter, or year) 


Collection Calls Made Easy with Our Law Firm Collection Script

The best way to avoid collection problems is to set up great systems on the front end. If you do find yourself with a client who has fallen behind, use this script to guide your conversation.


Financial Controls Checklist

Ensure your firm’s money is safe and your reports are accurate.


People & Staffing

When everyone on your team is in sync and paddling to a rhythm, there’s nothing you can’t do. Chapter 13 of The Small Firm Roadmap teaches you how to build a team rowing in the same direction. These resources will start you on that path:

How to Create an Organization Chart for Your Law Firm That Creates Accountability and Better Results

Traditional law firm decision making and org charts are not helpful for today’s businesses. Use our Accountability Chart Template to think through how best to structure your business to ensure accountability and results.


Rock Your Next Team Meeting with our Team Meeting Agenda

Team communication is important to move your business forward. Use this agenda for an easy way to keep the group informed, address issues, and moving in the right direction.


Attract the Right Team Members with a Standout Job Posting

This sample job announcement will help you attract standout candidates!


Wellness at Work: An Easy-to-Implement Guide?

You can promote wellness in your law firm.This checklist will give you easy and cost-effective ideas.