Law Firm Pricing

A few US-based lawyers command rates north of $2,000 per hour. Others provide legal services for free through pro bono efforts. Where do you fit?

Rumor has it there are a few lawyers in the United State commanding hourly rates north of $2,000 per hour. There are others who, quite literally, provide legal services for free through their pro bono work. Where do you fit? Law firm pricing is a challenging subject for many reasons, including that clients have been socialized to expect their lawyers to bill by the hour and that other pricing models—like flat fees and subscription pricing—are thought to be difficult to implement in our industry. Every pricing model has its strengths and weaknesses. One thing is certain, though: any pricing model poorly conceived or lazily integrated will result in stress and client dissatisfaction. You can learn more about law firm pricing on Lawyerist right here.