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Chapter 5/6

Creating Exceptional Client Experiences

Law Firm Clients

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Client experience is a reasonably new buzzword in business, but the legal industry, in particular, should be paying attention to the changing landscape of law firm client experience.

Law Firm Client Experience With Impact 

According to Bain and Company, businesses that excel in designing great customer experience grow revenues 4%–8% above their market. A great client experience also increases long-term loyalty, which has an added impact on revenue growth. Traditionally, service providers have been in a position of power. However, industry disruption is happening in nearly every market in the form of competition, online or virtual offerings, and other technologies. This pushes all businesses to take client experience seriously and as one of the places to place a lot of their innovation and creativity. 

How you represent yourself affects your firm’s success. While you can distinguish yourself through law firm branding, you also need to stand out by providing an excellent, consistent client experience at every stage of your interactions with clients and potential clients. Client experience starts with a potential client’s first interaction with your firm or its marketing content. A great client experience will also influence your referrals, retention rate, and reputation.

Client experience should not be confused with client service. While the two are related and overlapping concepts, there are important distinctions. Generally, client experience is the sum of all interactions a client has with your law firm – the entire journey – from hearing about your firm to closing their case. Client experience is the entire experience of a client’s interactions with your law firm. 

On the other hand, client service refers to the service-delivery-related contacts clients have with your team.  Good client service increases client satisfaction while addressing any issues or questions your clients may have while interacting with your firm.

  • Client Experience. It affects and is experienced by all clients. It is the sum of all interactions with your law firm, from website to last consultation. It helps the client feel oriented towards you and your firm. And, it needs to be proactive and intuitive.

  • Client Service. It is a subjective experience for each client during a single point when they encounter an issue. It’s an interaction with someone from your firm as a client tries to resolve a problem.  It is problem-oriented and is reactionary by nature.

Law firm client service is often reactive and is implemented when a client has an issue. Client experience is proactive and leaves a lasting impression on your client, resulting in how they think and feel about you and your law firm.