Legal Writing

This page on legal writing is scheduled for a complete rewrite in 2020 to more directly align with the strategies in our new bestselling book The Small Firm Roadmap and the coaching we offer in the Lawyerist Lab.

It is time for “legalese” to die. Good legal writing should be written in plain language that is easy to read and understand and that clearly and directly communicates its intent.

For over a decade, we’ve been writing about and advocating for lawyers to adopt better legal writing and typography practices.

We do a lot of teaching about legal writing and communications issues in our Lawyerist Lab program and include questions about these issues in our Small Firm Scorecard.

We’re in the process of building out this page, but in the meantime, we encourage you to learn more about our strategies for improving your legal writing, typography, and communications outlined in the Small Firm Roadmap. You can download the first chapter here.

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