Virtual Law Firm

You don't need to confine your law practice to an office. A virtual law office gives you greater flexibility to run the law practice you've always wanted.

A virtual law firm allows you and your associates to work remotely without needing to be in an office. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to work with clients remotely, running a virtual law firm gives you more flexibility in creating and maintaining a work-life balance, among other benefits.

Interested in learning more about virtual law firms and office spaces? Check out our portal for companies offering these services and considerations when selecting a virtual office space. And if you’re starting or growing a small or solo law firm, whether in a home or a virtual law firm, you absolutely must join Lawyerist Insider. And if you’re interested in getting a powerful snapshot of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses right now, take the Small Firm Scorecard right away!

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