Get Up and Running with Clio


Lawyerist and Affinity Consulting Group bring you the digital course Get Up and Running with Clio. This self-paced course is essential setup and training information for using Clio to the best of your ability. Legal technology expert Jeff Schoenberger shares his years of experience helping small and medium-sized firms set up Clio and train their teams.

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Take control of the technology you use every day.

“I’m optimistic about what Clio can do for my firm, but I’m unsure about my own abilities.”

“I’m not sure I am using all of Clio’s features to their full potential.”

Sound familiar? If you’ve been using Clio for a while, but don’t feel you’re taking advantage of everything it offers, we’re here for you.

From setting up Clio for your firm to customizations to make it work for you, this course has got you covered.

Imagine how much you can accomplish at your firm using a single application. From case management, to entering time, to billing, get ready to unlock and harness the power of Clio.


You don’t have to figure it out on your own! This course will help you along your journey.

In less than 5 hours, you’ll:

  • Set up Clio to work for your firm;
  • Master managing contacts, calendars, tasks, and matters in Clio;
  • Start billing your clients; and
  • Get the reporting you need most.

With an average video length of less than 5 minutes, you don’t have to do it all today. Work whenever you’re able from anywhere with an internet connection.

Come back whenever you need a refresher and dive into exactly what you need without navigating through lengthy videos.

Get everything you need to implement Clio at your law firm successfully.

Purchase Get Up and Running with Clio today and get:

  • 24/7 access – learn when it works best for you.
  • 6 in-depth learning modules covering everything you need:
    1. Setting Up Clio to Work for Your Firm
    2. Managing Contacts
    3. Managing Calendars
    4. Managing Tasks
    5. Managing Matters
    6. Billing and Reporting
  • Videos averaging less than 5 minutes each.
  • Direct links to Clio’s knowledge base articles for additional help.

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