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Law office management needs knowledge management, project management, and personal productivity and building a paperless law office.

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Office management for lawyers is often an afterthought, particularly for small and solo lawyers.

Law Firm Office Management on Lawyerist

That’s a missed opportunity, though, and forward-thinking lawyers will get ahead of their office management needs by focusing on a few important principles:

  1. Your firm has clear, documented systems and procedures that reflect your core business model, and you follow them.

  2. Your documented procedures include both administrative and client services workflows and you have a system for regularly reviewing those workflows to find opportunities to automate or improve them.

  3. You follow good personal productivity and time management practices.

In this “Law Firm Office Management” hub, we’ll talk in detail about knowledge management, project management, and personal productivity.

We’ll explore office spaces, including coworking, leasing, home offices, office sharing, how to serve coffee without being a jerk, and how to make your space part of your law firm’s culture.

And we’ll go deep into building a paperless law office with the corresponding paperless workflows, tricks, hacks, and traps.

Along the way, we hope you’ll come to love managing your office because it definitely demands your love, care, and attention.

So, let’s dig in. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you around the Lawyerist ecosystem!

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