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Formerly TBD Law

Lawyerist LabCon is a unique mix of conference, summit, retreat, design-thinking workshop, and hackathon.

We have replaced the speakers you would usually find on a conference agenda with facilitated and interactive conversations, workshops, and actionable activities.

What the event is like:

LabCon is nothing like your typical legal conference (so suspend visions of sitting in the same chair for hours at a time taking notes just to stay awake—that’s not our style.) Think of LabCon like being in a room with a group of laser-focused, future-thinking small firm lawyers just like you mixed with workshops led by experts. You’ll leave the event with actionable steps for your firm and the roadmap for preparing your practice for the next ten years.


Go! Make time in your schedule, make space in your budget, and go! These were the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo, and I will continue to reap the benefits of these two days for years to come.


I had no idea what to expect, but I figured it would be pretty amazing. It was. This is THE BEST law conference I’ve ever been to!

Community of future-thinking lawyers.
Actionable work to move your firm forward.

Invitation Only, Inclusive by Design

Join other ahead-of-the-curve lawyers to help reimagine the practice of law, revisit and update your strategies for how you work with clients, and get inspired from the mastermind-style conversations with your peers. Isn’t it time we prove that innovative lawyer isn’t an oxymoron?

Attendance is capped at 75- we want everyone to have their voice heard and for them to get the help they need in their firm.

Restricting attendance also lets us emphasize diversity by curating who is in the room. We take it as a given that innovative lawyers come in all genders, colors, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Learn more about our community standards.

Expert-led workshops.
Supportive community.
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LabCon is NOT:


An opportunity to leave the office and mentally check out. 

One of those “back of the room” conferences or events pressuring you to buy stuff.

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By Innovators, for Innovators:

Leave the status quo back home. At Lawyerist LabCon you will focus on building the future of your practice with lawyers who will push you to engage with ideas outside your comfort zone and firm goals you can take home.

Interested in Attending?

While LabCon is invite-only, we’d love to see if this is the right place for you! Reach out to set up some time to chat.