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Advertising with Lawyerist Media is an effective way to put your products or services in front of more than 120,000 influential legal professionals every month. Readers visit and the Lawyerist Lab for information about legal technology, law practice management, marketing, online networking, blogging, career development and ethics. Common post topics include going paperless, blogging, using social networks, fee issues, practice management software, and legal ethics.

Opportunity overview

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: approximately 120,000
  • Monthly Page Views: approximately 300,000
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 22,000 (as of January 29th, 2014)
  • Forum Members: over 5,500
  • Reader Profile:
    • 47% solo practitioners
    • 32% small-firm attorneys
    • 12% medium- and large-firm attorneys
    • 8% other (in-house, government, non-lawyers, etc.)
  • Technology Influence:
    • 80% primary technology purchaser
    • 15% influential in technology purchasing
    • 5% do not influence technology decisions advertising options

Lawyerist offers four distinct options for marketing your products or services to our readers and forum members:

1. Display advertising

We currently offer banner ads in four highly-targeted locations on (Ad impressions will be displayed on the blog and the forum.)

  • Ad Position 1 (Leaderboard), a 728×90 banner at the top of the site
  • Ad Position 2 (Sidebar1), a 300×250 medium rectangle at the top of the sidebar
  • Ad Position 3 (Sidebar2), a 300×250 medium rectangle in second position in the sidebar
  • Ad Position 4 (HalfPage), a 300×600 half-page ad in third position in the sidebar

Banner ads are $15 CPM for all positions, with a $500 minimum purchase. CPM means “cost per thousand impressions.” In other words, 100,000 reader impressions of your ad at $15 CPM would cost $1,500.

We offer a 5% discount for display advertising campaigns of 6โ€“11 months, and a 10% discount for ad campaigns of 12 months.

How our rates compare:

We accept ads in JPG, PNG, and GIF, in the above sizes. We do accept tasteful animations, but if you plan to animate your ad, please consult with us beforehand.

lawyerist ad locations 640x909 Advertise on Lawyerist

2. Sponsored posts

Want to get your post on Sponsored posts are published just like any other post on, except they will not show up on the front page. Just like regular posts, sponsored posts are automatically published to Twitter (over 27,000 followers), Facebook (over 6,600 likes), Google+ (over 150 followers), and LinkedIn (over 4,300 followers).

Sponsored posts must be purchased in packages:

  • 3 for $1,500
  • 6 for $2,900
  • 9 for $4,300
  • 12 for $5,700

For examples of sponsored posts, check out our previous sponsored posts.

All links in sponsored posts will be rel=nofollow.

3. Email newsletter takeover

Our newsletter takeover gives you access to our list of 22,000 opt-in subscribers with an average open rate of 23.3%, and an average clickthrough rate of 7%. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your message will be the focus of our weekly email newsletter. That means you get the subject line and the top content within our email. (We can provide examples of recent sponsored emails.)
  2. You must give away something of value to our subscribers. Typical giveaways include white papers or video seminars. (Not discounts or coupons.) You will need to share your giveaway with us beforehand, and it must be actually-valuable, not just a warmed-over sales pitch.)
  3. You may require our subscribers to exchange an email address for your giveaway, or to complete a short form or survey.
  4. We will help you craft your message to help you achieve the best results.
  5. You pay $5/click on the link you provide, measured after 1 week.

4. Email newsletter sponsorship

For 6ยข per subscriber, you can be the sponsor of our weekly email newsletter. In exchange, we will include a personal thank-you note following our featured content that highlights your product or service and may include a small (150×150 max) image, and a link to your landing page. Here is an example.

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