Jay Foonberg reported that, as of 2006, only 22% of blue-collar Americans and 11% of middle-class Americans use the phone book to find a lawyer. And that was two years ago.

If you don’t market online, that means you are ignoring 80-90% of your potential future clients.

And not just the younger ones. According to the AARP, 52% of americans 62-71 are online, using search engines (59%), staying in touch (59%, presumably with social networking sites as well as email and IM).

Of course, the potential clients most likely to be online are the ones you really want to talk to: the rich ones. People making at least six figures spend 21 to 27 hours online each week.

Why do I bring this up? Because a shocking number of lawyers and law firms still have no online presence. I recently asked for bankruptcy lawyer referrals on a local listserv, and only two or three of the dozen people who responded had a website.

I have never advertised in the phone book, and I probably never will. I have plenty of work, and I talk to at least one potential client a day. Dozens more visit my website each day. You won’t get that kind of attention in the phone book.

How Do Your Clients Find You – Or Do They? | Build a Solo Practice, LLC

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