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brea-buettnerA week and a half in, our Yodle online marketing guinea pig, Brea Buettner, just posted an update to the Yodle Challenge.

Here is what Brea has to say so far:

So far my experience with Yodle has been quite positive.

. . .

Since the inception of my new websites a week and a half ago, I have received a total of 7 calls and e-mails. Yodle has provided me with an answering service so that if I am unable to answer my phone, the Yodle service will answer my phone calls.

Of those 7 contacts, two contacts were placed by e-mail and the other 5 contacts were phone calls. Out of the 5 phone calls, I received one telemarketer call, one call for services that I do not provide, and three phone calls where the caller did not leave a name and number to be reached. Two out of the three phone calls where the caller refused to leave a name and number were placed on a Saturday and Sunday. Of the two e-mail contacts I received, I was able to set up an appointment with one client for later this week. The other client never responded back to my e-mail.

So far I’m batting 1 out of 7 . . .

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