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The Yodle online marketing challange started on June 18th, almost a month and a half ago. To date, Brea Buettner has gotten about 25 leads—people actually looking to talk to a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer. But only one came into the office. In this ten-minute video, we catch you up on the Yodle Challenge so far.

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  1. Brea Buettner says:

    I mentioned in the video blog that I had two appointments scheduled for yesterday. The first potential client call no-showed. The other couple came in for a consultation. The couple already knew that they needed to file bankruptcy and had thoroughly researched the topic prior to contacting an attorney. I sent them home with some paperwork and they participated in the required pre-filing credit counseling course right after my appointment with them. As soon as they gather all the required documents they are coming back in to sign the retainer and pay the fee. I think it’s safe for me to say that I have my first Yodle client.

  2. Brea Buettner says:

    I am on vacation this week, but I wanted to provide a quick update. I now have two bankruptcy clients from Yodle. A third Potential Client should be signing a retainer and paying their fee next week.

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