Yext PowerListings Review

If you market your practice in local search results, you know that having accurate, consistent location information across the web is a major ranking factor.

Yext is software that allows businesses to update their location information across a bunch of sites, maps and apps. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering signing-up.

How Does Yext Work?

On the Yext blog, Christian Ward breaks down how Yext works into four parts:

The TL;DR version is that Yext has created an automated solution that pushes your local business data to a bunch of major sites really fast.

Which sounds great. As anyone who has gone through the process of claiming, updating and optimizing local business listings, it’s a long, tedious, and often times, frustrating process.

However, with technological automation come some trade-offs. As pointed out by Google Places Help Top Contributor, Nyagoslav Zhekov, there are the risks of incorrect information being pushed, the software misses a listing where one exists and that it might miss a duplicate.

When I ran the PowerListings Scan for my business, it did a pretty good job finding listings for most of the major network sites.

You should check out Zhekov’s full post, it also contains a POV from Yext Co-Founder & CEO Howard Lerman.

Yext Pricing

Upon running a PowerListings scan with Yext (which, like’s tool, can be helpful for identifying listing problems, I received an email that included pricing:

The retail price for our premium package is $1440, right now we are having a special discount for only $499 for our Complete Package for the entire year!

Here is a link to pricing plans listed on their site.

Is Yext Worth It?

So is Yext right for your law firm? Maybe. I asked Nifty Marketing’s Mike Ramsey what he thought of Yext. His response:

In theory Yext’s offering is really amazing. The idea of one listing to rule them all is something even hollywood could get behind. New law practices could benefit from fast exposure but the price point is pretty high and you are still left to figure out your google+ local listing and ensure that data aggregators have your info. I wouldn’t look at yext as helping with rankings, look at it and see if the value of listings and traffic they offer is worth the cost. Overall, might be a good option for some, probably not for all.

Google Local Help Top Contributor Mike Blumenthal adds:

[Yext] doesn’t replace the need for making sure that your listings are correct at the major data providers; InfoUSA, Localeze, Axciom etc. If you have NAP confusion in the local ecosystem Yext doesn’t replace the hard work of getting them squared away.

Blumenthal’s post Yext & Local SEO also contains a Yext case study and some helpful comments.

As Moz’s David Mihm puts it:

Yext provides a valuable service that is more like wallpaper in your nicest, most public-facing room. It’s NOT a permanent solution, nor is it a substitute for drywall. Only an idiot contractor would try to build a house with wallpaper glued directly to the studs, with no insulation in between. Like wallpaper, Yext can hide a lot of fundamental problems in the construction of your Local SEO house…but don’t be an idiot contractor and think that it’s a permanent long-term solution.

There is also some helpful Yext discussion in the Moz Q& Forum.

While it’s from 2011, you may also want read Zachary Chastain’s, Yext Ripoff, How An Internet Marketing Service Took Me For A Ride. However, it looks like Yext has pivoted its business away from pay-per-call (h/t Andrew Shotland).

Generally speaking, if you’re at a relatively new law firm, that doesn’t exist on many of the Yext partner sites, it might be worth considering. However, you need to temper your expectations. Signing-up for Yext will not be a magic local marketing bullet that will propel you to the top of local search results.

If you’re in a search environment in which Yext listings are generating meaningful traffic and business, then it’s probably right for you.

Ultimately, there’s still no completely reliable substitute for manually claiming, updating and managing your local business listings.

Have you used Yext for your law firm? Let us know.

Yext PowerListings Reviewed by Gyi Tsakalakis on .
Summary: Might be good for seeding, but doesn’t replace manual listing management.
Description: Yext speeds up the process of pushing your business information to their network of participating sites. However, it’s not a local business cure-all. Might be worth it for new law firms.
Rating: 2.5


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