yellow-pagesI have never advertised in the Yellow Pages. A couple of years ago, I flirted with the idea before I realized I would pay a couple hundred dollars a month for a fraction of the traffic I already got from other sources.

I am not allergic to spending on advertising, but I prefer to spend money where it gets the best results. I spend a lot of time writing a consumer law blog to help attract potential clients, and I spend money on search engine advertising through Google AdWords. I also spend liberally on coffee, lunch, and beer for good, old-fashioned networking.

The Yellow Pages has never seemed like a particularly good investment—for me, at least.

A colleague in a similar line of business–and therefore a good test case for the kind of clients I am after—does use the Yellow Pages, and reports getting only a couple of leads per month. In fact, I have not heard any Yellow Pages success stories in a very long time, except from the occasional criminal defense or personal injury lawyer with a full-page spread.

If you still use the Yellow Pages, why? Have you found it to be the most effective (or a cost-effective) marketing method for your practice? What else are you doing, and how does that compare?

If you do not use the Yellow Pages, why not? Have you considered it and rejected it? Are you a recovering Yellow Pages advertiser? What changed your mind?

(photo: Joanna Young)

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