Apparently, at least one of the nine companies listed in the NSA’s PRISM slides put up a fight. Yahoo!, that is.

Yahoo! claims that, when the NSA came asking for access, it filed a constitutional challenge in the FISA court — the only option. The very existence of the case was classified until last month. Yahoo! was represented by internet privacy and security lawyer Marc Zwillinger. According to him, “The Court found that the protections that the Executive Branch had established were reasonable under the Constitution, especially with regard to the rights of non-U.S. persons.”

Of course it did.

Honestly, Yahoo! was not the first company I would have expected to stand up for its users. But good on Yahoo!, seriously. That makes it the only company on that list that I’m remotely happy to be doing business with.

Update: Here’s a copy of Yahoo!’s petition to unseal the rest of the court file (pdf) due to strong public interest.

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