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Here’s what we are listening to this week.

Legal Toolkit: “How Lawyers Can Write Less”

Legal Toolkit, from Legal Talk Network, focuses on law practice management. Last week, host Jared Correia talked with Creative Content Specialist and “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” writer Adam Kosloff about why prolific writing is very costly for lawyers and how his five core strategies can help attorneys improve their writing efficiency.

Legal Rebels: “Legal Tech’s Future is In Lawyers’ Mindset”

Legal Rebels is a podcast from the ABA Journal and the Legal Talk Network that highlights trailblazers in the legal profession. Recently, Randi Mayes, founder and executive director of the International Legal Technology Association, talked with host Stephanie Francis Ward about how the growth of technology in law firms will stem from lawyers’ behaviors, not specific product offerings.

Reveal: “If You Can’t Afford a Lawyer”

Reveal is a podcast from the Center for Investigative Reporting. Each week, they focus on a different topic in one of three broad categories: accountability, inequality, and sustainability. Two weeks ago, they featured a story about the chief public defender in New Orleans, who is refusing to handle some serious criminal cases because his office doesn’t have enough resources to handle all of them. The office has been sued by the ACLU and judges are mad, but Bunton’s goal in doing this is to highlight how broken the public defender system is, and hopefully get it fixed.

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