We are not accepting unsolicited guest pitches at this time. If you want to contact us about something else, please use our contact page.

We encourage all practicing lawyers, law professors, and legal service providers with something meaningful to say about law practice to submit pitches for us to review using the form below. We also accept pitches for “op-ed” articles. But …

We will respond to legitimate pitches as quickly as we can.

The Kind of Pitches We Want

Lawyerist is an online magazine about law practice. We publish words and videos and other things related to the practice of law that are useful or interesting to practicing lawyers. This is most certainly not limited to technology and marketing, even though those are popular subjects on our pages. We also frequently cover things like ethics, legal writing, practice management, law school, and other subjects relevant to law practice. Above all, we strive to publish unique, compelling content.

A good way to figure out what kind of pitches we want is to actually read the articles on Lawyerist. Just reading the most recent articles should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of thing we are looking for.

As for the pitch itself, give us a detailed summary of the article you intend to write. A working title, the angle or your thesis, and an outline of your post would be helpful, for example. Or a syllabus similar to what you might find on an academic paper. In other words, give us a fairly detailed summary of the article you intend to write.

The Kind of Pitches We Don’t Want

  • While we welcome practicing lawyers’ thoughts on marketing (occasionally, anyway), we are probably not interested in posts from people who are trying to sell marketing services, lawyers or not.
  • We do not accept posts that are commercial or promotional in any way. Visit our advertising page if that is what you have in mind.
  • We are not looking for recycled content. If you have already written something, we may consider it anyway, but we strongly prefer to get a pitch, not an already-finished article.
  • We do not publish posts about specific practice areas, and we definitely do not publish generic, keyword-stuffed vomit like “Should Distracted Driving Have Greater Penalties?” or “The Emotional Side of Divorce: Taking Care of Your Heart.”

Finally, we do not want pitches that make it obvious you have not read this page.

What We Pay and What We Require in Exchange

We pay 10¢ per published word, excluding quoted material. For posts in other formats (video, for example), we may offer you a different compensation structure. We do not pay for articles if the writer has a vested interest in the subject matter, but we may publish them as an op-ed.

We require copyright to your article, so that the only place it will be available online and in full will be on Lawyerist. You are, of course, welcome to share an excerpt of your post on your own blog or elsewhere online, with a link back to the post on Lawyerist. We also give you a license to publish your article offline. This means you can distribute your article by email or bundle it with CLE materials, or do whatever else you like with it (except publish it online), as long as you mention Lawyerist.com as the original source.

If we accept your pitch, we will send you a copy of our contract to review.

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