Write Awe-Inspiring Blog Posts

Congratulations, you have created a successful law blog, and you manage to post regularly but your blog needs a new jolt. Sociological research indicates that posts that inspire awe, have a positive tone, and share emotions are more likely to be shared by individuals.


If you are going to swing, swing for the fences. Mention some a legal statistic that opens people’s eyes, a fundamental change in the way certain cases resolve, or even a compelling story of an one persons search for justice.

Stay positive

Lawyers tend to be cynics; reversing that mentality may lead to more readership. Write about your successes, not your failures.

Get emotional

Showing emotion will show readers a different side of you, and establish your personality on the internet. Emotion comes across as passion. At the same time, be careful about saying anything disparaging that can come back to haunt you in the courtroom.

(photo: hathu-)

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