worksnugEven if you have a mobile office, sometimes you need a place to work—use WorkSnug to solve that problem.

WorkSnug is an app for the iPhone that provides both a 3D visualization and Google Maps view of suitable places to work that are within a close proximity. Granted, if you have an iPhone (and use the apps I have suggested before), you should be able to do everything while on the move. Sometimes, however, you need a quiet place to call a client, or get free WiFi for your laptop.

Right now, the biggest drawback is that WorkSnug only works in London. But the company plans on adding San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Madrid in the near future.

WorkSnug: Find Places to Work With Your iPhone | Web Worker Daily


  1. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    I definitely need something like this when I travel. I always end up paying for internet at Starbucks. But why don’t they have a web interface to go with the app?

    (Also, we actually have a couple hundred readers in London, just so you know!)

  2. Part of giant Mac conspiracy to make you buy an iPhone.

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