WordPresslocationFollowing the growing trend of integrating location information with social networking, WordPress now allows bloggers who host their sites through WordPress.com to attach their location information to postings.

WordPress also indicates this is just the beginning of geotagging features—they plan on integrating location of commenters, poll votes, and even an annual report to users showing where posts were written and where the comments originated from.

If you are a solo attorney, the location of your posts is probably not all that helpful to you. But the location of where comments come from is potentially valuable information. For example, if you only work locally, but most of your comments are from out-of-state, then you probably need to focus on attracting local potential clients. If you practice across a number of states, the comments feature can help you determine which areas need more targeted marketing.

WordPress Now Knows Where You Are | Mashable

(photo: nullalux)

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