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In Women in the Law, a podcast mini-series, Law School Transparency examines the professional and personal challenges women face in the legal profession. This week’s episode, “The Leaky Pipeline #2,” looks at the specific challenges inherent in hiring, retaining, and elevating women to leadership roles.

Here are the episode and roundtable with guests Miko Brown, Leslie Fields, Chris Groll, Liz Krupae, Zach Mountin, and Clark Yeh:

As a reminder, here are some of the worst leaks in the women-lawyer “pipeline”:


#1: Women obtain 57.1% of all college degrees, but they account for just 50.8% of law school applicants.

#2: Women who apply to law school are less likely than men to be admitted.

#3: When women are admitted to law school, they attend schools with significantly worse placement rates (and U.S. News rank) than men.

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