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Women in the Law is a podcast mini-series from Law School Transparency that examines the professional and personal challenges women face in the legal profession. This week’s pair of podcasts, “In the Media,” is a show and a roundtable discussion about how women lawyers are portrayed on TV and in the news. The show opens with Above the Law‘s David Lat reading from an article he wrote for the New York Observer in 2008:

Let’s not mince words: The Litigatrix is a bitch. She didn’t excel in litigation’s testosterone-soaked precincts by playing nice. Like that other professional “-ix,” the dominatrix, the Litigatrix knows how to crack a whip. Making men feel pain is part of her job description.

It’s no secret that men and women are treated differently, and that includes entertainment, commentary, and news. This week, Women in the Law digs into the differences in treatment and the way portrayals of women lawyers have evolved over the years.

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