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Last week, Lawyerist moved to WiredTree hosting. You probably didn’t notice, because the transfer was smoother than our uptime at our previous host, A2 Hosting. I had been putting off the move for months, because I was terrified of trying to move our site to a new server. But the move turned out not to be a big deal, mostly because of excellent support from WiredTree.

For well over a year, Lawyerist was hosted at A2 Hosting. During that time, we experienced what we considered to be unacceptable downtime and marginal customer service. We stuck with it for two main reasons: price and fear. A2 Hosting’s “unlimited” (more on that later) plans are dirt cheap. We were paying less than $10 per month.

On the fear side, although I’m pretty tech-savvy, switching servers terrified me. We also needed to go from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Since I know nothing about server administration, that seemed like a risky and time-consuming proposition. I’ve got a full-time law practice to run, and no time to screw around with server administration.

On price and fear, we would have stayed with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. But we recently got a notice that we were using too many resources. On an unlimited plan. I still haven’t figured out how A2 Hosting thinks we can use too much of our “unlimited” resources, but that was the last straw. Well, the last straw was when A2 told us we had a week to move.

I went with WiredTree on a recommendation. It is quite a lot more expensive—about $50 per month—but it is easy to see why. I was immediately impressed with the security and support. At A2, my support tickets would take hours to get a response. At WiredTree, I got a response in minutes. I even got a phone call to confirm my order. (Real, live people answering phones!) The setup was quick, and then a support person walked me through backing up our old server, sending it to our new server, and moving our domain names. All told, it took less than an hour of my time.

Even if you are a technophobe, I am confident that WiredTree could get you moved—or just up and running in the first place—in short order.

So we moved, but you probably didn’t notice. Which is why we are really happy with our new host.


  1. I think this is why hosting companies are willing to pay big referral fees to affiliates – because they know that most of the time, if they hook you, you’re hooked for life. Simply because people are afraid to move.

  2. Kevin says:

    You should be happy at WiredTree. I started there two or three years ago, on a shared hosting account, moved to a VPS, and currently rent a dedicated server. I only remember that I have had two or three “significant” downtime events. Their tech support is wonderful, when they say “managed”, they mean it.

    Good choice!

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