The winter of my 2L year I attended the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. At this time I was not participating but observing some 3L’s in preparation for the next year. The first day of the competition I wore my winter white Theory suit. I had purchased it months ago and was so excited to finally wear it, the snowy muddy ground be damned. I paired it with a navy silk shell and burgundy patent Dior heels (sounds much more patriotic than it was) and it looked phenomenal. It was crisp, clean, perfectly tailored and I loved it…but I looked like a lost penguin among a pack of sea lions.

Like most of the legal profession the Competition was a sea of dark suits, some pinstripes, some gray, some terribly tailored (if at all). I noticed the color differential but didn’t think anything of it. I waltzed around in my white suit, never giving my wardrobe choice a second thought. I heard through the grapevine later on that not everyone thought it as appropriate as I did. I can see the argument and while I ultimately disagree, I did leave my beloved suit at home the next year when I actually argued at the Competition.

If the idea of an all white suit makes you cringe and think of Miami Vice, I encourage you to try and embrace white in the winter as you do in the summer. Winter white is somewhat less crisp then the blinding shades found during summer but it is still refined and comforting, especially in heavy knits, cashmere, and tweeds. Winter white is also a refreshing addition to fall and winter wardrobes that are dominated by black, brown, and gray.

While black and white is the classic combination, don’t be afraid to pair winter white with an array of colors. Fall’s rich jewel tones like teal, burgundy, and royal purple pop off the white and look exceedingly rich. One of my favorite combinations is a winter white dress or skirt with thick black tights and a rich red suede wedge heel. Gold also pairs well with winter white, just make sure to stay away from anything super sparkly (sparkles are generally reserved for jewelry and scarves, not apparel). Check out some winter white pieces below.

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  1. shg says:

    Every time a woman wears winter white, a kitten dies.

  2. I have been practicing law since 1984 in courts ranging from very conservative and requiring all attorneys to dress in formal attire to the laid back midwest where you can bring your baby ala carseat.
    Loved the article and you my dear are a refreshing twist of spearmint! Wear white whenever the heck it suits you and don’t worry about what the the other idiots think. Sometimes sticking out equates to standing out. It is all in how you project your confidence and effusively positive personality..

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