Wi-Fi-DirectWi-Fi Direct, rolling out next year, will allow digital devices to talk directly to each other without having a computer in the middle and without an internet connection.

Wi-Fi Direct is set to become the new standard of wireless technology, allowing devices such as cameras and televisions to “talk” directly to your computer and other devices, without having to go through a wireless hub to do so. Essentially, just like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to communicate without having an internet connection.

Wi-Fi Direct appears to be a direct competitor to Bluetooth technology. Recognizing that Bluetooth’s major weakness is slow download times, Wi-Fi Direct purports to have a greater range and faster download times.

Wi-Fi Direct should be incorporated into just about every digital device, from phones, to televisions, to digital cameras. It should also be available as a software upgrade for many older devices. Wi-Fi Direct should also allow two computers to talk to each other directly—you can send files to the person sitting next to you without needing an internet connection.¬†Among other uses, you should be able to send pictures directly from your camera to your television or computer with the push of button.

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