Does Google Threaten Your Wi-Fi Network Security?

Ethernet might be faster, but many workplaces use Wi-Fi to provide internet access to their employees. Wi-Fi is certainly convenient, but failing to secure your wireless network can slow your connection, and cause all types of security issues.

Security breaches

Google recently admitted that while mapping neighborhoods from Google Maps, the camera cars also¬†captured data from unlocked Wi-Fi networks. “If they happened to be transmitting at the exact moment that the car went by, whatever they happened to be transmitting at that moment would have been picked up . . . .”

At home, I am mostly updating my fantasy baseball team and reading about baseball. Thankfully, my network is secure and Google hopefully does not have that information stored in one of their data vaults.

If your law firm network, however, is operating unsecure, there could be some major issues. Google was not even trying to pick up anything, so imagine what a clever individual could gather from an open network?

Open networks run slowwwwwww

If your network is open, you are paying for other people to access the internet. You might like the whole open-source concept, but you are creating serious lag on your own network. The fewer users, the faster your connection will be.

How to secure your network

Every router is slightly different, but the manual should explain the various options. Most routers now offer WPA (Wireless Protected Access), which allows you to choose a phrase or word for your passcode. Older routers may require a certain alpha-numeric input, which is less convenient.

Whatever setting you have–use it. If you cannot figure it out, talk to another attorney who is more technologically inclined.

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