Admittedly, as long as you can afford it, having an office is a must. But I also think that having a mobile, paperless, office makes life a lot easier.

Today, for example, I needed to accompany a family member to some unexpected medical appointments. There was no freaking out because my entire practice is on my iPhone and my MacBook Pro at home.

While waiting at the office I was using Google Reader to look for blog topics, emailing clients via our Gmail, and moving meetings with Google Calendar. I did not need to, but I could have accessed our entire firm via Dropbox on my iPhone. With Skype, if I needed to, I could have even called into our client meetings this morning.

Because I needed to drive the family member back to doctor’s office in the afternoon, I decided to stay at home and work. Everything I needed was already on my computer because of Dropbox. There was no concerns about needing documents left at the office, because they are all online. When I needed to touch base with Sam, we video chatted for twenty minutes to get on the same page for the day.

Having a paperless, mobile office makes working anywhere easy and stress-free. Make the switch and make life easier!

(photo: funkypancake)

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