Why Twitter Works for Attorneys


Twitter was the new “it” a few months ago, and all the hoopla seems to have died down recently. The service itself, however, is still going strong and can be effectively used as part of your law firm’s online marketing campaign.

Small firms are small businesses

A recent article discussed how businesses of all sizes are using Twitter as a marketing tool. Some companies use it as a way to hear what people are saying about them. It is not clear to what extent people use tweets to talk about their attorneys. Frankly, I doubt there are many people tweeting about what their lawyers just did.

But look at the broader picture. Does your firm have an online blog that attracts followers? Are you involved in the community? Is your firm mentioned in the press?

Tweeting is an easy way to promote your firm’s legal blog, your community involvement, and what the press is saying about you. Through Twitter, you can easily link to blog posts, your firm’s website, and newspaper articles that mention your firm. The demographics of Twitter and Facebook are slightly different, so even though you may be sending out the same messages to both sites, they are likely to end up reaching somewhat different audiences.

Will you attract hundreds of clients?

Of course not. But you can reach out to a broader audience, and promote your services and other social media sites. It is probably unlikely that a client will find you directly through Twitter. But if you start to gather a following, more people know you exist, and it is never a bad thing to get the word out about your practice. Frankly, the best use of Twitter might be for networking with other attorneys, which always has value.


  1. Avatar Hoda says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of positive words on twitter and the legal profession lately: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2010/06/09/lawyers-on-twitter-twitteriffic-or-just-twitterpated/ So much so that, as the paranoid type that I am, it makes me think that there must be some unholy union between the two for the sake of cross-promotion…

  2. Avatar annlee@kohncommunications.com says:

    Yes, Twitter can be an extremely useful marketing tool, especially to existing clients. I’ve used Twitter — both as a user and a follower — as a kind of news feed, a source for links I’m interested in sharing and/or reading. If your tweets are useful or interesting or entertaining, your followers will retweet them or even recommend others check out your feed on #followfriday, raising your profile and extending your reach. Thanks for the great post! -ae

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