Why I am not following you on Twitter

Reason #1: You actually blog about what you are doing. Reading your catalog of what you are actually doing throughout your day is boring. For example:

  • Just woke up. Making coffee.
  • Sitting down with the morning paper.
  • Leaving for work. Lots to do today!
  • Sorting through the mail. Lots of bills, no checks.
  • Eating a turkey sandwich from the corner deli. Yum!

Not reading that.

Reason #2: You only blog about the law. You may find people out there—possibly even potential clients or referral sources—who find your endless catalog of links to news stories and case decisions riveting. Not me. (But if there are people who find that stuff riveting, they are probably more likely to become your client than I am.)

Reason #3: All you are doing is promoting yourself or your social network. David Barrett (bio: “Boston Business Litigation Attorney – World’s Largest LinkedIn Lawyer Network”) is a great example of this. He seems like a nice enough guy, but unless you are obsessed with social networking and LinkedIn, there is not much there.

So what do I look for?

I look for people who are using their 140 characters to say something funny, interesting, or relevant most of the time. And I look for people doing things I find interesting, and using Twitter to talk about those things.

Here are a few good examples of (in my opinion) Twitter All Stars:

  • Jon Gordon, Host of “Future Tense” on public radio.
  • Ed Kohler, of The Deets.
  • Ainsley Drew, whose Twitter page is not safe for work due to graphic, although hilarious, language.
  • Richard Stevens, who makes cartoons and t-shirts!
  • Xeni Jardin, Curator of Internet Esoterica, Anomalies, and Curiosities. BB co-editor, BBtv host/exec producer. .

Like most people, I use social networking, including Twitter, to meet people and to be entertained. Tweet accordingly and I (and others) will follow.


  1. Thanks for the ink Sam.

    We all walk before running, but a look at my Twitter posts (http://tweetburner.com/users/barrettdavid) shows that I mainly share information about potential client referrals (from LinkedIn) on Twitter.

    Certainly I do my share of network promotion, but I share the potential client information on Twitter to thank the “IP software attorney” for being a part of the LinkedIn network, and for following on Twitter.


    David Barrett

  2. 19 of my 39 Twitter posts seek to match an appropriate lawyer with a potential lawyer client from LinkedIn.

  3. Avatar April says:

    I look for a good mix of interaction, “here’s what up I’m to” (as long as its interesting), and link sharing whether its your own or something you found interesting.

  4. I must say I kinda like the people who blog about their every event – makes me feel like I’m not quite as boring as I thought I was! And as far as the links, I like seeing what other people have found. It give me something to do to be less boring!

    I will agree though that you need a nice mix of tweets – what you are doing, links, and misc. thoughts. I follow several people that only do links and wonder if they are even real. Stating something about yourself every once in a while (even if it is just about your dog like mine usually are) makes you are real person and more likeable – probably even to potential clients – and makes me want to read the links more!

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